Cabinet Card of a Child as Lord Nelson

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This boy is in full costume as Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson. Nelson was born on 29th September 1758 to Catherine, wife of Norfolk rector, Rev. Edmund Nelson. He entered the Navy in 1771 aged 12, and by the age of 20, had achieved the rank of Captain. He married a young widow by the name of Fanny Nisbet and became involved in numerous campaigns at sea, losing the sight in his right eye at Calvi, and his right arm at Sana Cruz. following his victory over the French fleet at the Battle of the Nile, he met the beautiful Emma, Lady Hamilton in Naples, who was to become his mistress. His next successful campaign was at the Battle of Copenhagen, overcoming the Danish fleet. Soon after, he received orders to hoist his flag aboard HMS Victory. His final battle came at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21st October 1805 where he famously gave the command 'England expects every man will do his duty'. He was struck down by a sniper's bullet whilst on the deck with Captain Hardy. He lingered in agony for several hours below deck, long enough to learn that he had won his greatest ever victory. Nelson was an extraordinary man, England's greatest Naval hero whose brilliant tactics over the combined Spanish and French fleet at Trafalgar is justifiably considered Britain's greatest Naval victory.

$40  No. 1853
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