German Actor H. Kadelburg Cabinet Card

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Cabinet card of the actor. Identified mount recto. Kadelburg was born Jan. 26, 1851. He made his first appearance at Leipsic in 1869, and two years later played at the Wallner Theater, Berlin. He was very successful in comedy parts, but abandoned the stage to write comedies and farces. His best-known plays (some written in conjunction with Blumenthal and Von Schönthan) are: 'In Civil'; 'Die Berühmte Frau'; 'Grossstadtluft'; 'Die Orientreise'; 'Der Herr Senator'; 'Zwei Wappen'; 'Der Wilde Baron'; 'Migräne'; 'Mauerblümchen'; 'Zum Wolthätigen Zweck'; and 'Im Weissen Rössl.' San Fancisco, California image.

$40  No. 1953
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