Berlin Opera Josef Kainz Cabinet Card

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German cabinet card of an opera player by J.C. Schaarwachter. Identified mount verso in period hand along with photographer's backstamp. Circa 1885. The actor is Josef Gottfried Ignatz Kainz, born January 2, 1858 in weasel castle, today located at Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary. He is known as an Austrian actor. He debuted at age 15, and is today celebrated first among German speaking theatre actors. In 1958, the hundredth anniversary of his birthday, The Josef Kainz Medal was donated by the City of Vienna and given annually to actors and directors for their achievement on the Vienna stages. In 1899, Kainz joined the castle theatre in Vienna, and played his most famous and important roles there. A character actor who brought passion to the stage. Hamlet, Mesphisto, and Torquato Tasso were roles that he provided models for future generations of actors. Your cabinet card shows him in costume of Romeo from Shakespeare play. Josef Kainz was much admired by Bavarian King Ludwig II, and they became friends. Kainz visited King Ludwig at his remote palace, Linderhof from May 30 through June 6, 1881. He traveled with the king in June and July to Switzerland where they traced the footsteps of William Tell. Kainz appeared at the German Theatre in Berlin in 1883, playing the role of Ferdinand in Schillers play, Kabale and Love. Josef Kainz died of intestinal cancer on September 20, 1910 in Vienna.


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