Elizabeth H.W. Jackson Autographed Cabinet Card

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Signed and dated 1904 by the famous actress. By Young of Brooklyn, New York.

From The Leonard Finger Collection. Leonard Finger is an independent casting director in New York who has been collecting 19th and early 20th century theatrical history for many years. His collecting was informed by his philosophy as a casting director which has 'always been to go for the undiscovered talent, or actors who are forgotten or out of fashion. As an observer of human nature, I was captivated by the range of material related to the stage prior to the television era. As a student of history, every idea, style, fad, grammatical idiom or belief in American culture was reflected in entertainment. I focused on anything with strong graphic content, off-beat subject or witty or provocative language...' As we have been cataloguing and disposing this collection, we have found Leonard's quote to be an understatement to say the least. This collection captures not only the marquis names of the early American theatre: Bernhardt, Booth, Forrest, but also the more mundane: the ne'er-do-well travelling vaudevillian begging for a two week engagement in Baltimore, using decade-old credits to bolster his pitch, cabinet cards of acrobatic teams, minstrels and other pieces which evoke the spirit of the entertainment business. This collection captures a world before television in which entertainment was immediate, live and personal. A world that is much lost in today's world of home entertainment systems and high-speed Internet.

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