Two Mammoth Fratelli Alinari Albumens

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Two large format albumens of Italian sculpture by Alinari. The first is of a Bronze Statue of David as the Conqueror of Goliath - by Donatello at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Meaures 8-1/2 x 13-1/4 on a larger tan mount. The second, an unidentified sculpture of a woman hodling a shield with the writing 'Montebello Palestro'. Measures 13 x 17 on a larger tan mount. Although without Alinari's stamp, these appear to be from the photographic agency.

Founded in Florence in 1852, Fratelli Alinari is the oldest firm in the world working in the field of photography, the image and communication. The birth of photography and the story of the Firm go hand in hand in their development and growth, as attested to by the immense Alinari owned fund of 3,500,000 photographs, collected in the Alinari Archives.

$50  No. 3181
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