Major Littlefinger by Eisenmann

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Cabinet card by Charles Eisenmann. With 'Major Littlefinger and Wife Age 27 & 26' in period hand mount verso. Major Littlefinger and his wife, The Fairy Queen, in real life were Charles and Eliza Nestel. Littlefinger himself has also been identified as Robert Huzza. The Major appears to be an achondroplastic dwarf, however the bride appears to be a perfectly proportioned but very diminutive woman. The bride wears a beautiful dress with a shirred skirt front and a long flowing train. Mr. Nestel may also have been known variously as Baron Littlefinger and several other titles of rank. Images of the Nestels done in Bowery studios appear to have been made in the 1880-1890 time frame.

Eisenmann, a German immigrant, opened his studio on the Bowery in 1879 and soon began to photograph the many entertainers and personalities who came to the neighborhood to perform at the theatres and dime museums that dominated the area. Famed for his portraits of sideshow freaks and even P.T. Barnum himself in 1885.(see 'Monsters Of The Gilded Age - The Photographs of Chas. Eisenmann' by Michael Mitchell, Gage Publishing 1979)

In Eisenmann's block the New York Museum (210 Bowery) featured, in person, The Ford Brothers who shot down Jesse James - perhaps this group appeared there as well.

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