Autographed Alan Dale Photograph by Bruno

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Signed 8 x 10 image of musician Alan Dale. With Bruno of Hollywood's photographic logo in the negative. Circa 1950. Dale was born Aldo Sigismondi in 1925 and passed away in 2002.

The man many consider to have possessed the greatest voice EVER in popular music, Alan Dale's career spanned three decades and 16 record labels. At age 17 he was a big-band vocalist; first with Carmen Cavallaro, then George Paxton. In 1948 he achieved stardom via CBS's musical quiz show 'Sing it Again' (this is the program referred to in the James Stewart film 'Pot O' Gold'). His own Alan Dale Show (Dumont and CBS) was the FIRST television program kinescoped for showing in other parts of the country. By 1951, Dale was one of the hottest singers around. Then fate dealt him a terrible blow. Overwork, combined with unhappy events in his private life, aggravated an ulcer condition, and Alan collapsed during one of his live TV shows. By the time he had recovered his health he had lost all of his shows. His climb back began with old friend Bob Thiele, then A&R chief of Coral Records. Previously, Thiele had produced many of Alan's hits, and proceeded to do so again with: OH, MARIE; I'M SORRY; CHERRY PINK; SWEET AND GENTLE; ROCKIN' THE CHA CHA. The success of the latter led to Dale's starring in the 1957 film 'DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK.' Unfortunately, the dark and seamy side of show business eventually caused Alan to become disillusioned (for the candid details read his autobiography 'THE SPIDER AND THE MARIONETTES') and, quite deliberately, he gradually faded from the spotlight. Which is our loss, because ALAN DALE was one of the very best (Mel Torme mentioned him in his book 'My Singing Teachers'), and he deserves to be rediscovered, just as Tony Bennett has been.

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