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Rare: Basketball Team Photo - Circa 1920Rare: Basketball Team Photo - Circa 1920
Collegiate basketball team photo. These players are in uniform with their coach. The player in the center holds the ball. Basketball was in its infancy in the 1920s when this photo was taken. Hence they are somewhat rare. 7-1/2 x 9-1/2 photo on a tri...

Larceny Vintage Police Mug Shot BertilonLarceny Vintage Police Mug Shot Bertilon
Vintage Bertillon or mug shot. With profile and head forward facing police photo on front with prisoner number 8282 and bio on back.

Size 3 by 5 inches; circa 1951

Manson Follower Lynette Squeaky FrommeManson Follower Lynette Squeaky Fromme
Wonderful matted wire photo from the Baltimore Sun of Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme along with fellow Manson Follower Nancy Pitman. With Certificate of Authenticity from the archives of the Baltimore Sun.

Fromme rose the media attention as...

Death Car - Baltimore Sun Crime Scene PhotographDeath Car - Baltimore Sun Crime Scene Photograph
Crime scene image with newspaper crop marks and news clipping mount verso. Shows a car with rear-end damage and a police detective dusting for fingerprints. Two men were shot by a man with a pistol. The drive backed into a building trying to escape. ...

Associated Press News Photo of Kato KaelinAssociated Press News Photo of Kato Kaelin
Associated Press News Photo of Kato Kaelin - this 'wire photo' of Brian 'Kato' Kaelin was taken during a preliminary hearing for the murder or Nicole Brown Simpson.

Matted and ready to frame!

Kato was a friend of Simpson...

Set of Four Chinese Execution PhotographsSet of Four Chinese Execution Photographs
Four Chinese Execution Photographs beautifully mounted on a gold tone mat. one shows two severed heads; titled in the negative 'After the execution. A pair who paid.' The second image shows the knife striking to behead; titled in the negative 'Get...

Indians at Klamath Reservation LithographIndians at Klamath Reservation Lithograph
Lithograph of a group of Indians titled 'Indians at Home, Klamath Reservation, Ore.' The group stands in front of winter food, salmon, which is split and hung to cure in the sun over a small fire behind them. Appears to include a family with the fat...

Autographed George Somers PhotographAutographed George Somers Photograph
8 x 10 silver image signed by George Somers. Circa 1940s.

Autographed Actor Silver PhotographAutographed Actor Silver Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph autographed by an actor known only as 'Stu'. Circa 1935 by Sussman.

New York City Fire DepartmentNew York City Fire Department
Silver photograph showing the Hook and Ladder #10 and 1st Battalion Chief car in temporary quarters becuase of street repairs in front of the firehouse. Circa 1948 silver photograph measuring 8 x 10 with news service caption mount verso.

Guy Mitchell Signed Photograph by KriegsmannGuy Mitchell Signed Photograph by Kriegsmann
Circa 1950 silver image of musician and actor Guy Mitchell. With James J. Kriegsmann's photographic logo in the negative. Born Albert George Cernick in 1925, he died in 2002.

He was signed by Warner Brothers as a child for his possible fut...

Milbourn Wagon Factory PhotographMilbourn Wagon Factory Photograph
Silver image of the Milbourn Wagon Factory, located in Toledo, Ohio. Shows the interior of the factory with dozens of wagon wheels waiting for assembly into completed wagons and carriages. Some damage to upper right corner of image and one crease in...

Architectural Interior PhotographArchitectural Interior Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph of a home interior. Focuses on a corner of a room with a steam radiator nearby. With 'The Architects' Small House Service Bureau'. Circa 1940.

Three Exterior ImagesThree Exterior Images
Three unique images. The first is of some type of construction operation with several men standing on their machinery; 3 x 2. The second is of a train near a body of water with a small boat in the water nearby; 4 x 3. The last is of a small stream o...

Parade Silver PhotographParade Silver Photograph
8 x 10 image of a man in military uniform driving a two horse-pulled carriage. He rides along a street lined by people standing, as if he is in a parade. Circa 1925 image.

Restaurant Silver PhotographRestaurant Silver Photograph
Circa 1910 restaurant silver image showing the interior of a restaurant full of patrons enjoying their dinner. Measures 8 x 5on a black mount; slightly faded.

Pepsi Girls: News Service Photo of Reeke TwinsPepsi Girls: News Service Photo of Reeke Twins
Image of Pepsi-Cola advertising girls Eileen and Edna Reeke. Circa 1941 image announcing thier new advertising stunt of sending the twins and cases of Pepsi to service men during World War II. With news agency caption mount recto.

Home Exterior Silver PhotographsHome Exterior Silver Photographs
Group of a 3 silver images of home exteriors. Each is on a larger black mount. Two images feature a man and wife standing in front of the houses. Measures 6-1/4 x 4, 6-3/4 x 4-3/4 and 4-3/4 x 4; all on larger black mounts of various sizes.

Saloon Silver PhotographSaloon Silver Photograph
Excellent silver photograph of a bar or saloon interior. Shows the bar with men lined up the length of it enjoying their drinks. Circa 1925 on a larger tan mount.

Saloon with Christmas Decor PhotographSaloon with Christmas Decor Photograph
5 x 7 silver photograph of a bar interior that is decorated festively for the holidays. Shows a group of men drinking in the backgorund with two bartenders behind the bar. Circa 1910 image on a larger black mount.

Flood Silver PhotographFlood Silver Photograph
Image measuring 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 of woman and small boy in a small boat floating in the streets of a flooded downtown. On a larger light gray mount. Circa 1915; slightly faded with one corner chipped.

Interior Silver PhotographInterior Silver Photograph
Interesting image of a home interior. Shows the corner of a living room withe a window to the side a fireplace. Circa 1920 8 x 10 image.

Faitoute Iron and Steel CompanyFaitoute Iron and Steel Company
8 x 10 silver image of several vehicles in front and exiting the buidlding of the Faitoute Iron and Steel Company. Circa 1942 World War II era news service photo with caption verso referencing steel and the war.

World War I Funeral Procession Parade Silver PhotoWorld War I Funeral Procession Parade Silver Photo
Oblong image measuring 11 x 7 of a group of marching U.S. Army and Navy personnel in a small city parade, circa 1915. A coffin is in the forefront with a U.S. Flag draped over it. Shows a small downtown with a church in the background.

Mexican Village at 1933 World's FairMexican Village at 1933 World's Fair
Silver photograph measuring 8 x 10. This image was taken at the Mexican Village Exhibit at the 1933's World Fair in Chicago, better known as 'A Century of Progress'. Shows a beautiful water sculpture with pond and falling water. Titled in the negativ...

Two Wedding Silver PhotographsTwo Wedding Silver Photographs
Excellent image circa 1900 of a bride and groom in their wedding finery. She stands with her arm on his shoulder while he sits with his on the armrest of the chair. Measures 3-3/4 x 5-1/2 on a larger black mount.

The seoncd image is a speca...

Cemetery Silver PhotographCemetery Silver Photograph
Circa 1900 image of several gravesites in a small cememtery. Two large blocked off areas with stone borders mark a grouping of plots and several markers and headstones are present. Measures 5 x 7 on a larger black mount.

Superior Wedding Silver PhotographSuperior Wedding Silver Photograph
Circa 1910 silver image of what appears to be two happily married couples. The brides wear their wedding dresses whle holding large bouquet of flowers. They are flanked by their tuxedo wearing grooms. Measures 5-1/2 x 3-3/4 on a larger cream mount. ...

Los Angeles Flood of 1938Los Angeles Flood of 1938
Set of nine silver photographs measuring from 9 x 7 detailing the flood of 1938, which was the worst in 70 years in Los Angeles, California. The deathtool reached nearly 90 and caused $79 million worth of damage. This set of news service photographs...

Restaurant Silver PhotographRestaurant Silver Photograph
5 x 7 image of a the waitresses, waitors, manager and other staff in the dining room of a restaurant. Circa 1920 image on a larger light gray mount.

Three Italian Architecturals by Edizioni BrogiThree Italian Architecturals by Edizioni Brogi
Group of three architectural photographs of Italian photographic legend Edizioni Brogi. Each with his name and identification in the margin in the negative. Two show the interior of Certosa Di Pavia and are numbered 4627 and 4629. The third features...

Wedding Silver PhotographWedding Silver Photograph
Excellent image circa 1920 of a bride and groom in their wedding finery. The both stand, him with his arm around her, as she holds her bouquet. Measures 3-3/4 x 5-1/2 on a larger black mount.

Wedding Silver PhotographWedding Silver Photograph
Excellent image circa 1910 of a bride and groom in their wedding dress and tux. She stands with her arm on his shoulder while he sits with his on the armrest of the chair. Measures 3-7/8 x 5-1/2 on a larger brown mount.

New York Firemen on an Obstacle CourseNew York Firemen on an Obstacle Course
Two 8 x 10 silver photographs of two New York firefighters on an obstacle course. One is jumping hurdles and the other is running with a large weighted duffel bag. News service photographs from the New York Star newspaper; circa 1940 by Sheldon Gott...

Women under a Conveyor BeltWomen under a Conveyor Belt
Odd image of a group of ladies kneeling down unders a conveyor belt. A body of water can be seen in the background. Circa 1905 silver image measuring 4 x 5 on a larger dark gray mount with some tearing.

Autographed Opera Star John Charles ThomasAutographed Opera Star John Charles Thomas
Silver photograph measuring 8 x 10 and signed by operatic start John Charles Thomas. John Charles Thomas was an American baritone known for his exuberant singing style and powerful voice. He was equally comfortable on both the operatic and the concer...

Wedding Silver Images - Three by National StudioWedding Silver Images - Three by National Studio
Three silver photographs of three different bride and grooms, all on the same style mount and taken by National Studio of Joliet, Illinois. Each image measures 4 x 5-1/2 and is placed on a larger two-tone brownish gray mount. With the National Studi...

Autographed Mindy Carson Silver PhotographAutographed Mindy Carson Silver Photograph
Signed to George Zarr, who worked as a busboy at the Mayfair Hotel in the 1940s and 1950s, located in St. Louis where it was a frequent stop for stars. Carson is photographed by Maurice Seymour; his stamp is in the negative. An occasional duet partne...

Wedding - Bride and Groom PhotographWedding - Bride and Groom Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph of a groom and bride on their wedding night. She wears her bridal gown, veil and holds a bouquet of flowers. The groom is in a in tuxedo. Circa 1950; slight tears lower right.

Wedding Silver PhotographWedding Silver Photograph
Circa 1925 image of a bride and groom. She holds her bouquet of flowers with one bouquet at her feet. Measures 4 x 5-1/2 on cream-colored mount.

Autographed Photo of Writer Alex HaleyAutographed Photo of Writer Alex Haley
Signed image of Alex Haley, who penned Roots, the Autobiography of Malcome X. Alex Haley wrote Roots, one of the most celebrated novels of the 1970s. Haley spent 20 years in the Coast Guard (1939-59) then began a second career as a writer, working fo...

Church Lectern PhotographChurch Lectern Photograph
Interesting image of a gothic style lectern, elaborated carved. It is in front of what appears to be a well constructed stone wall, obviously the interior of a religious building. Measures slightly smaller than 6 x 8 on an off-white mount. By R.S.W....

Autographed Lawrence Tibbett PhotographAutographed Lawrence Tibbett Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph of opera singer Lawrence Tibbett. With David Berns of New York blindstamp. One slight bend lower right. Tibbett, an American baritone, began his career as an actor, church singer and performer in light operas. He studied w...

River or Lake PhotographRiver or Lake Photograph
Silver photograph by Christee of Chicago of people playing on the beach - most likely an image of a body of water off the Chicago River. As the Chicago River's flow was reversed lots of recreation areas were formed. This may be a photo of Chicago R...

Joan Collins Silver PhotographsJoan Collins Silver Photographs
Two silver images measuring 8 x 10 feature Joan Collins. one shows the actress with June Allyson and Leslie Nielson.

Joan Collins played conniving glamourpuss Alexis Carrington Colby on the TV soap opera Dynasty (1981-89). Collins began in...

Grade School Children PhotographGrade School Children Photograph
Silver image measuring 5 x 7 of a group of school children standing in front of their school house. A teacher or parent stands with them adn the children in the center hold a sign that reads 'Hubbard Oct 1, 1902'. Slightly light on a chipped tan mou...

Tinted Photograph of a Man and His 1934 PlymouthTinted Photograph of a Man and His 1934 Plymouth
Well-tinted silver image of a man standing next to his 1934 Plymouth car. The man looks firmly into the camera and leans against the driver's door of this photograph. The license plate is a 1934 Illinois issue. With some corner damage upper left and ...

Wedding Bride Silver PhotographWedding Bride Silver Photograph
Excellent larger format wedding image of a lovely bride in her wedding dress and veil holding her bouquet. Circa 1910 image measuring 5-3/8 x 9-1/2 on a larger slightly trimmed cream mount.

U.S. Navy Sailors PhotographU.S. Navy Sailors Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph of a group of Naval sailors standing on the deck of their ship. They hold a sing that reads 'Lethbridge'. Circa 1950 military image.

Norman Mailer Photograph - Autographed!!!Norman Mailer Photograph - Autographed!!!
Signed 8 x 10 image of the famous writer, born Norman Kingsley Mailer in 1923. Norman Mailer is one of the most famous and controversial post-World War II American writers, a novelist and journalist who won the Pulitzer prize for The Armies of the Ni...

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