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The Walls of Pompeii AmbrotypeThe Walls of Pompeii Ambrotype
Grand sixth plate image of an al fresco painting on the Walls of Pompeii. This features a nude male in this rare image of the famous Walls of Pompeii. Housed in a half leather case; slightly dark image.

Pompeii is a ruined Roman city near m...

Baby in Pram with Checked Blanket AmbrotypeBaby in Pram with Checked Blanket Ambrotype
Excellent sixth-plate ambrotype of a beautiful little girl in a large wheeled pram. A pram is a small carriage in which a baby or child is pushed around. The image shows the young child in a bonnet and checked blanket. Sharp, clear and with superior...

Great Post Mortem Ambrotype - Quarter PlateGreat Post Mortem Ambrotype - Quarter Plate
Great quarter plate postmortem ambrotype of a dead young girl. She appears to have passed away approximately at age 4 or 5. She rests peacefully on a plaid covered bed and holds her hands crossed under her chest. This piece was bought from a descend...

Post Mortem Ambrotype of a BabyPost Mortem Ambrotype of a Baby
Excellent sixth plate image of a deceased baby. This postmortem ambrotype shows the young child laying lifeless on a small bed. The expression is one of emptiness as if life has just drifted away. A nice ring of solarization makes this image even m...

Union Private With Corps BadgeUnion Private With Corps Badge
Ambrotype of a Civil War Union private wearing his Corps Badge. Sixth plate image housed in a full leather case. Distinct ring of tarnish gives this ambro character.

Quarter Plate Ambrotype of SiblingsQuarter Plate Ambrotype of Siblings
Horizontal image of a two sisters and brother. One girl stands while the other boy and girl, possibly younger, sit in chairs. Housed in a damaged half geometric case.

Man on a Horse and Carriage AmbroMan on a Horse and Carriage Ambro
Sixth plate horizontal ambrotype of a man atop a buggy pulled by a horse. Some damage to the emulsion on the upper left. Otherwise fine image. Contained in a half leather case.

Fireman With Attitude Ambrotype!Fireman With Attitude Ambrotype!
FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Full standing fireman, probably a captain or higher rank given the formality of his uniform. His hat shows crossed nozzles and the number '7'. He confidently stands smoking a cigar knowing he risks his life daily to save t...

Girl in Pantaloons AmbrotypeGirl in Pantaloons Ambrotype
Quarter plate image of a sassy little girl in her long waisted dress, ruffled pantaloons, and banana curls. The image shows her down to her button-top shoes. Excellent study of a young child from the mid-nineteenth century.

Quarter Plate Ambrotype BoxersQuarter Plate Ambrotype Boxers
Bare fisticuffs in this nice image of two gents going at it. Some minor crazing. Contained in a full repaired leather case. Example of a popular sport in the nineteenth century.

Sixteenth Plate Ambro in a Maker-Marked CaseSixteenth Plate Ambro in a Maker-Marked Case
Sixteenth plate ambrotype of a man contained in a maker-marked leather case. On the back side of the case, it is stamped 'Swift & Mahan / 312 Market Street / Philadelphia'. The case is split.

California Gold Rush - Sixth Plate AmbroCalifornia Gold Rush - Sixth Plate Ambro
CALIFORN-I-A OR BUST! Here is a superior ambrotype of a '49er - all packed and ready to go - heading from the Midwest to the great state of California. His suitcase is in his hand and his heavy duffel is placed on the table next to him. The ma...

Tinted Ambro of a Young Man with His ViolinTinted Ambro of a Young Man with His Violin
Sixth plate image of a young lad holding his prized musical instrument, a violin with the bow in the other hand. His cheeks are lightly tinted. The ambrotype is housed in a full, split leather case case.

Man with Prosthetic Hand or GloveMan with Prosthetic Hand or Glove
Sixth plate ambro of a man with either a prosthesis or leather glove on his hand.

Ambro of a Woman with a Crochet HookAmbro of a Woman with a Crochet Hook
Sixth plate of a lady holding a crochet hook. Housed in a half leather case.

Tinted Ambro of a Civil War SergeantTinted Ambro of a Civil War Sergeant
Nicely tinted sixth plate of a Civil War Officer. He is wearing his jacket with Sergeant stripes on each arm. Tinted cheeks.

Ambro of a ManAmbro of a Man
Ninth plate image of a man with a gilt watch fob. In a half case.

Ambro 1/6 plate of a woman and her dogAmbro 1/6 plate of a woman and her dog
Lovely sixth plate ambrotype of a woman and her little white puppy in her arms. She has gilded earrings, rings and necklace. A bit on the dark side.

9th Corps 1/6 Plate Ambrotype9th Corps 1/6 Plate Ambrotype
Nice image of a gentleman wearing his jacket with his 9th Corps badge on his vest. Civil War.

Whole Plate Ambro - Niagara FallsWhole Plate Ambro - Niagara Falls
Great whole plate ambrotype of Niagara Falls in its original gold leaf wall frame in excellent condition. A sharp image with excellent contrast and detail. There is some light staining in the sky which does not detract at all from this image or the s...

Spectacular Ambrotype of a ViolinistSpectacular Ambrotype of a Violinist
For the sophisticated musical image collector: Excellent sixth plate ambro of a man holding his prized instrument. He proudly displays his violin along with the bow. This crisp, clear and lightly tinted rare image is contained in a full leath...

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