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Child Actress CDV by Charles Eisenmann of NYChild Actress CDV by Charles Eisenmann of NY
Beautiful Child Actress CDV by Charles Eisenmann of NY. This little girl sits politely looking foward with a book in her hand in a naval themed dressed. Circa 1865. Superio CDV with Eisenmann's logo mount verso and photographic stamp mount verso. a ...

Actress Marie Slattin CDV by HowellActress Marie Slattin CDV by Howell
Vintage Carte de Visite of Actress Marie Slattin taken by Howell of New Yrk City. Excellent CDV showing the actress wearing her fine jewelry elegantly posed. With photographer's logo mount recto; identified in hand mount verso. Circa 1870

CDV of Victorian Manacles - Crime and PunishmentCDV of Victorian Manacles - Crime and Punishment
CDV of old Victorian manacles. Nineteenth century display of crime and punishment. With F.W.Evans of London photographic logo.

Eli Bowen - Barnum Circus Legless Wonder CDVEli Bowen - Barnum Circus Legless Wonder CDV
CDV of Eli Bown with his wife and son. Excellent image of one of the top circus freaks of all time. This wonderful image of him includes the backstamp 'ELI BOWEN, WIFE AND CHILD. By A. Newman of Philadelphia. With photographer logo mount recto. Trim...

Circus Freaks The Murray Midgets Tripplet BrothersCircus Freaks The Murray Midgets Tripplet Brothers
CDV of Circus Freaks The Murray Midgets Tripplet Brothers Age 20 Years. The Murray Midgets who were billed as midget triplets but were actually only brothers born between 1860-1870. Photographed by Charles Eisenmann of New York


Armed Civil War Soldier with Eagle Buckle CDVArmed Civil War Soldier with Eagle Buckle CDV
Superior Civil War CDV: Civil War CDV of a soldier in shell jacket with American eagle belt buckle along with his sword at his side. He stands wearing the shell jacket, square American eagle belt buckle and sword to his left. His kepi is on ...

Civil War Armed Rifleman CDVCivil War Armed Rifleman CDV
Civil War CDV of a uniformed Union solider toting a rifle. Dramatic pose with great quality.

Young Children on a Tricycle CDVYoung Children on a Tricycle CDV
Wonderful image of two you boys on a tricycle. This circa 1870 image shows the two of them riding on this vintage tricycle. By Bamsdorf of Neubrandenburg; with his backstamp and also name on recto.

Little Person CDV by EisenmannLittle Person CDV by Eisenmann
Circus midget CDV with Eisenmann's backstamp and photographic stamp mount recto. Features an unknown circus little person - woman. Circa 1865. She stands next to a small table and lamp.

Eisenmann, a German immigrant, opened his studio on th...

Midget General Willis Carver by Eisenmann New YorkMidget General Willis Carver by Eisenmann New York
CDV of Midget General Willis Carver by Eisenmann New York. With 'General Willis Carver' mount recto and Eisenmann's photographic logo mount verso. General Willis Carver was said to be from Beloit, Wisconsin, born in 1868. His Mom was a professonal...

Mohawk Dutchman CDV - Freak!Mohawk Dutchman CDV - Freak!
Excellent cabinet card of R. McChesney, who billed himself as 'The Mohawk Dutchman' This elaborately dressed man poses next to a table with a variety of items, including one that celebrates the Centennial of the Declaration of Independence, showing...

Woman with a Fan CDVWoman with a Fan CDV
Excellent image of a sophisticated lady holding a small fan. Circa 1880 image in good condition; slightly faded.

Enfield Rifle Armed Soldiers CDVEnfield Rifle Armed Soldiers CDV
Rare CDV of two soldiers, facing each other, holding their Enfield rifles. They wear their uniforms, armed with all their militia equipment. The soldiers hold their hats, which have a pom the top and Infantry horn on the front. Moun...

ID'd Civil War Naval Officer CDVID'd Civil War Naval Officer CDV
Excellent Civil War CDV of Union Navy Officer A.H. Foote with the American Flag, painted background. Appears to be a photograph of a painting. The officer is pictured in an elaborate uniform with a regal expression on his face. Behind the officer is ...

ID\'d CDV of Union General W PyleID\'d CDV of Union General W Pyle
Identified Civil War CDV of Union General Pyle. According to notes on CDVs verso, Lieut. Gen. W. Pyle taken 6 July 1868 about six months before his death. Backmark: L. H. Bonsall, Photographer, 160 West 5th Street, Between Race & Elm, Cincinnati, O. ...

ID\'d Civil War CDV:  Lt. Dave Elliot Union OfficeID\'d Civil War CDV: Lt. Dave Elliot Union Office
Armed and Identified CDV of Lt. Dave Elliot Union Officer in full uniform. Civil War CDV of a Union soldier in full uniform. He is photographed standing in full view. One hand rests against a chair back, with hat in hand. The other hand rests against...

ID'd Civil War CDV Edward Lee Porto RicoID'd Civil War CDV Edward Lee Porto Rico
Civil War CDV of soldier from 122nd Infantry Company 'D.' Labeled in pen 'Edward Lee Porto Rico W.I.' on back. Lee enlisted when he was 18 years-old on 4 August 1862 at Syracuse, NY, as a private. He was mustered out on 23 June 1865 at Washington, DC...

Maude Branscombe by Mora CDVMaude Branscombe by Mora CDV
CDV of Actress Maud Branscombe, by highly noted New York photographer of the famous, particularly Broadway figures, Jose M. Mora. Identified mount recto with Mora's logo. It is a close shot with an interesting hat and effective studio lighting.

Rugby Team CDVRugby Team CDV
Excellent horizontal CDV of a British Rugby team. The players pose in three rows with their equipment in hand. With W.M. Chaffin of Sherborne, England photographic logo. Great sport subject matter CDV!

Civil War CDV of Cavalryman with 23rd Corps BadgeCivil War CDV of Cavalryman with 23rd Corps Badge
Civil War CDV of Cavalryman wearing Twenty-third Corps badge on his shell jacket. Very clear photograph of a middle-aged soldier. The cavalryman sits stiffly, his left arm rests on a nearby table and his right arm lays rigidly in his lap. The paper h...

Civil War CDV ID'd Mustached Union LieutenantCivil War CDV ID'd Mustached Union Lieutenant
Civil War CDV of a mustached Union officer in frock coat posing with arm resting on draped podium. Full standing pose. Soldier identified as First Lieut. Isaac Miller, U.S.C.H.A., OH. Formerly of 74th Ohio Infantry. Identified front and back in peri...

Boy with a Drum and Whip CDVBoy with a Drum and Whip CDV
CDV of a young lad holding a small whip with his foot propped on a snare drum. Oval image on a trimmed CDV mount; circa 1870.

Girl with a Doll CDVGirl with a Doll CDV
Pouty little girl holds her china doll closely in this circa 1885 CDV. Identified as Maud Robinson of Providence, Rhode Island along with Manchester Brothers photographic logo mount verso.

High Society Fashion Study CDVHigh Society Fashion Study CDV
Excellent CDV of a beautiful young lady wearing the latest fashions of the day. She appears to be wealthy if not upper middle class. Circa 1865 CDV with a young woman wearing a beautiful full length dress, fur collared coat and an elegant bonnet. Gr...

Egyptian Man CDVEgyptian Man CDV
CDV of an Egyptian man sitting in a chair. The bearded fellow wears a fez. By Robert & Mylius of Alexandrie; with backstamp. Circa 1885.

Hunter, Rifle, Dog and Rabbit CDVHunter, Rifle, Dog and Rabbit CDV
Excellent hobbyist CDV of a man holding a rifle. This hunter stands with his trusty dog at his side and a rabbit, obviously his catch, on the ground in front of him. With top corners trimmed slightly. CIrca 1885.

Ulysses S. Grant and Family CDVUlysses S. Grant and Family CDV
Image of former president and Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant with his family. Titled mount recto 'Grant Family' and features Grant with his wife, three sons and daughter. In period hand mount verso, 'April 8-1869'. Minor emulsion loss left si...

Occupational - CDV of Two CarpentersOccupational - CDV of Two Carpenters
Excellent image of two craftsmen - woodworking carpenters. One man holds a cross cut saw. The other a level and axe. Great image tradesmen. Circa 1870.

Span Am Soldier CDVSpan Am Soldier CDV
CDV of a Spanish American War soldier. He stands with his sword on his waist. Circa 1880 CDV.

British Military Officer CDVBritish Military Officer CDV
Image of an English military officer. Circa 1880.

British Conductor CDVBritish Conductor CDV
Image of a British street car or railroad conductor. With E. Gregson of Halifax and Blackpool backstamp. Circa 1865.

Duke of Edinburgh CDVDuke of Edinburgh CDV
Identified mount recto and with The London Stereoscopic Photographic Company backstamp. Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Ulster and Kent, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh). He was named H.R.H. Prince Alfred Duke of Edinbur...

Royal Family of England CDVRoyal Family of England CDV
Horizontal image of an etching of the Royal Family of England. Identified mount recto.

Swiss Soldier CDVSwiss Soldier CDV
Circa 1880 image of a Swiss soldier in uniform. With Switzerland photographic logo of a St.Gallen photographer. St. Gallen is a beautiful Swiss town with a remarkably intact medieval monastery and library that is a treasure trove for academics

CDV of a Plow in a FieldCDV of a Plow in a Field
Image of a plow in a field. Associated with the first plowing of the plains of Illinois - the 'plow that broke the plains'. Basically, Illinois was not farmable until a plow that could cut through the thick loam that was matted with decaying grasses...

Duke of Devonshire CDVDuke of Devonshire CDV
CDV of the Seventh Duke of Devonshire, identified in period hand mount verso. With backstamp of Messrs W. Walker and Sons. William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire (April 27,1808 -December 21, 1891), was the great-grandson of the 4th duke and grands...

British Military Soldier CDVBritish Military Soldier CDV
English CDV of a uniformed soldier. Some damage to the emulsion, otherwise fine example of a full standing European military man.

Turkish Man CDVTurkish Man CDV
Image of a man that appears to be from Turkey sitting in a chair. He wears a fez and very baggy pants. By Barnes & Son of London. With backstamp.

Lord Brougham CDVLord Brougham CDV
Identified in period mount verso as Loa rd Brougham. Brougham, Henry Peter, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux. 1778-1868, British statesman, b. Edinburgh. As a young lawyer in Scotland he helped to found (1802) the Edinburgh Review and contributed many a...

Royal Family of England CDVRoyal Family of England CDV
Excellent CDV featuring individual portraits of the Royal Family of England. Identified mount recto.

Lord J. Russell CDVLord J. Russell CDV
Full standing image of Lord John Russell, identified in period hand mount verso. John Russell, 1st Earl Russell also called (until 1861) Lord John Russell born Aug. 18, 1792, London, Eng. died May 28, 1878, Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey. He w...

Lord G. Vorsteuer CDVLord G. Vorsteuer CDV
Identified in period hand mount verso. European royalty.

French Military Officer CDVFrench Military Officer CDV
Excellent bust shot of a French military officer in full dress uniform. With Lyon's photographic backstamp and also with logo mount recto.

Dutch Peasant Girl CDVDutch Peasant Girl CDV
Indented mount verso in period hand as a peasant woman. Photographer's photographic logo mount verso.

British Military Officer CDVBritish Military Officer CDV
Image of a military man in full uniform from Great Britain.

European Military Man CDVEuropean Military Man CDV
Excellent silhouetted bust shot of a European military officer. He wears several medals, great epaulets and cross-chest belt.

Girl Weighing a Baby CDVGirl Weighing a Baby CDV
Interesting etching of a young girl holding a counterweight scale weighing a small baby. Printed mount recto 'Just Nine Pounds.'

CDV of Ten PeopleCDV of Ten People
Horizontal CDV of a group of ten men and women. The first row they are seated and the remaining five stand behind.

British Naval CDVBritish Naval CDV
Vignetted CDV of a British Navy Officer wearing his jacked and hat. He also has huge mutton chop sideburns.

Two English Church CDVsTwo English Church CDVs
Separate images of churches, located in Cheshire, England. First is of St. Mark's Church Bredbury and numbered 411. The second is Bowdon Church, numbered 190.

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