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Excellent Condition Geometric Sixteenth Plate CaseExcellent Condition Geometric Sixteenth Plate Case
Superior condition Berg 3-474 geometric sixteenth plate thermoplastic case. Closes securely and solidly with good, tight hinges. This case is in perfect condition with no visible wear, chips, cracks or other damage. A great example of a sought after ...

The Blind Beggar 1 Thermoplastic CaseThe Blind Beggar 1 Thermoplastic Case
Excellent condition Berg 1-161 'The Blind Beggar 1' ninth plate thermoplastic case. Considered Very Rare. Hinges and clasp secure and tight, no warps and only minor, normal wear. No chips or cracks. Closes solid. Contains an oustanding ambrotype o...

Basket of Fruit and Vegetables Thermoplastic CaseBasket of Fruit and Vegetables Thermoplastic Case
Ninth plate thermoplastic case, Berg 2-71 'Basket of Fruit and Vegetables' in good condition. No chips, but hinges a bit loose, closes sercuely. Minor wear to case, but no chips. Contains a tinted tintype of a young man wearing a hat.

Berg 2-132 Mixed Flowers 2 Thermoplastic CaseBerg 2-132 Mixed Flowers 2 Thermoplastic Case
Ninth plate Thermoplastic case - Berg 2-132 Mixed Flowers 2 containing a splendid slightly tinted oval tintype of a two men. The case is in near-mint condition with no chips, cracks or damage. Hinges are snug and closes securely.

Shield with Stripes Thermoplastic CaseShield with Stripes Thermoplastic Case
Shield with Stripes thermoplastic case, Berg 1-53 and considered scarce. Double sixth plate image case with no chips, cracks or flaws. Hinges tight and closes fully with a 'snap'. Images are two ambrotypes: man and wife, probably celebrating a mile...

Grapes in A Fancy Oval Berg 2-21 CaseGrapes in A Fancy Oval Berg 2-21 Case
Sixth plate thermoplastic case considered scarce, 'Grapes in A Fancy Oval', Berg 2-21. Hinges tight, no chips or cracks on face. One minor chip and crack on edge. Contains a sixth plate ambrotype of a nearly-primitive looking man. He looks somewha...

Mother Embracing Child Thermoplastic CaseMother Embracing Child Thermoplastic Case
Sixth plate case, number 1-99 by Berg and considered scare. This case is in excellent condition. Hinges are secure, closes tight and has no nicks, scratches or cracks. Minute rounding of corners, but barely noticeable. Contains somewhat faded daguer...

Two Pears Double Image Sixth Plate CaseTwo Pears Double Image Sixth Plate Case
Numbered 2-19 by Berg, this sixth plate case is in the good condition with one minor blemish to the upper right corner. Appears to have been touched by a warm object that flattened the design. Hinges secure and closes tight. Only minute nicks on ed...

Daguerreotype of Brother and Sister in TP CaseDaguerreotype of Brother and Sister in TP Case
Sixth plate Geometric Case, Berg 3-131, is in very good condition - hinges tight and hasp that closes securely. Minor corner chips are the only blemishes on the case with an excellent daguerreotype of two siblings. This sixth plate is a splendid da...

Child In A Tree, Farm Scene Thermoplastic CaseChild In A Tree, Farm Scene Thermoplastic Case
Sixth plate thermoplastic case, Berg 1-93 titled 'Child In A Tree, Farm Scene'. Excellent condition thermo cas with no or cracks. Hinges close tight and secure. Contains a daguerreotype of a distinguished gentleman in a strikingly odd pose. He stand...

Pocket Watch Case for PhotographsPocket Watch Case for Photographs
Gold plated with chambers for four images. Case contains three tintypes and one paper image. 1-1/2 inch diameter with push stem cover release.

American Country Life - Summer's EveningAmerican Country Life - Summer's Evening
Half plate thermoplastic case: Krainik 9 and Berg 1-11 (American Country Life 1 - Rare). This is a rare example of a sought after case. The case is brown with minor corner chips. It contains an ambrotype of a gentleman with unobtrusive foxing.

Geometric Case Berg 3-38SGeometric Case Berg 3-38S
Geometric Case Berg 3-38S. Quarter Plate case, black with minor chips on two corners - one front and one back. Hinges slightly loose, closes tight, but not secure. No image.

Geometric Sixth Plate CaseGeometric Sixth Plate Case
Berg 3-208 Geometric octagon cse. Contains a tintype. Hinges tight, no warps or cracks. Has two small chips.

Roger DeCoverly and the Gypsies Fortune 2Roger DeCoverly and the Gypsies Fortune 2
A wonderful case Krainik 29 and Berg 1-37. This repaired quarter plate case contains a tintype of a little girl.

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