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Gold Leafed VaseGold Leafed Vase
Simply sophisticated!! This gold leafed vase approximately 6. A single rose looks splendid in this vase. DLS013

Caswell-Runyan Gold Leaf Cedar Hope ChestCaswell-Runyan Gold Leaf Cedar Hope Chest
Well done Caswell-Runyan gold leaf cedar hope chest. This piece measures approx. 45' x 20-1/2' x 19-1/2'. Circa 1920s hope chest with original product sheet intact as sold in glassine envelope on inside lid. In superior shape.`

Gold Leafed OwlGold Leafed Owl
Superior gold leafed owl measuring approximately 6. This item has been beautifully leafed and is sturdy, solid item. Not only a paperweight but very well could be a wonderful display piece on any mantel. DLS011

Gold Leaf ButterflyGold Leaf Butterfly
Wonderful gold leafed butterfly. This handsome decorative measures about 3-1/4 x 3 inches. Smashing!

Steampunk Charm Bracelet - RepurposedSteampunk Charm Bracelet - Repurposed
Splendid steampunk charm bracelet. Sturdy and beautiful.

Armed Civil War Soldier with Eagle Buckle CDVArmed Civil War Soldier with Eagle Buckle CDV
Superior Civil War CDV: Civil War CDV of a soldier in shell jacket with American eagle belt buckle along with his sword at his side. He stands wearing the shell jacket, square American eagle belt buckle and sword to his left. His kepi is on ...

Civil War Armed Rifleman CDVCivil War Armed Rifleman CDV
Civil War CDV of a uniformed Union solider toting a rifle. Dramatic pose with great quality.

African American Woman Cabinet CardAfrican American Woman Cabinet Card
Bust shot of an African American woman. Circa 1900 by Nock of Cleveland, Ohio.

Mile Correta by Wendt Cabinet CardMile Correta by Wendt Cabinet Card
A nice cabinet card by famous photographer Frank Wendt. Features circus midget Mile Correta, identified mount verso; most likely misspelled for Mille. Printed mount recto 'Mile CORETTA / Age 19 Years Height 21 Inches / Frank Wendt, Artist, Photo Boo...

Little Person CDV by EisenmannLittle Person CDV by Eisenmann
Circus midget CDV with Eisenmann's backstamp and photographic stamp mount recto. Features an unknown circus little person - woman. Circa 1865. She stands next to a small table and lamp.

Eisenmann, a German immigrant, opened his studio on th...

St. Louis Wedding Cabinet CardsSt. Louis Wedding Cabinet Cards
Three cabinet cards of happily married couples. Each bride wears a wedding gown and stands by her husband, who sits. Two by Fischer and one by Strauss. All of St. Louis.

Indians at Klamath Reservation LithographIndians at Klamath Reservation Lithograph
Lithograph of a group of Indians titled 'Indians at Home, Klamath Reservation, Ore.' The group stands in front of winter food, salmon, which is split and hung to cure in the sun over a small fire behind them. Appears to include a family with the fat...

Patriotic Theatrical Cabinet Card of Two GirlsPatriotic Theatrical Cabinet Card of Two Girls
Wonderful image of two young children in costume. The first wears a frilly dress and his holding the end of a long stick with a ring on the end. The other child wears a suit with knickers and top hat. She holds the other end of the stick and also a...

Sarah Bernhardt Cabinet Card - Silver PhotographSarah Bernhardt Cabinet Card - Silver Photograph
Excellent silver image of the famed actress Sarah Bernhardt in her most famous role in L'AIGILON. Aime Dupont cabinet card with her photographic copyright in the negative and her name in period hand on the margin. With notes on original owner of ima...

Cricket Player Cabinet CardCricket Player Cabinet Card
Australian cabinet card of a young man holding a cricket bat. With Loch & Co. of Melbourne, Australia photographic logo mount recto.

Buffalo Bill Cody Cabinet Card by StacyBuffalo Bill Cody Cabinet Card by Stacy
Excellent cabient card of Buffalo Bill Cody by Stacy of Brooklyn, New York. With Stacy's photographic logo and 'W.F. CODY' mount recto. This is one of the most notable images of the Wild West Showman. With minimal corner rounding and one chip o...

Woman with a Fan CDVWoman with a Fan CDV
Excellent image of a sophisticated lady holding a small fan. Circa 1880 image in good condition; slightly faded.

Enfield Rifle Armed Soldiers CDVEnfield Rifle Armed Soldiers CDV
Rare CDV of two soldiers, facing each other, holding their Enfield rifles. They wear their uniforms, armed with all their militia equipment. The soldiers hold their hats, which have a pom the top and Infantry horn on the front. Moun...

The Walls of Pompeii AmbrotypeThe Walls of Pompeii Ambrotype
Grand sixth plate image of an al fresco painting on the Walls of Pompeii. This features a nude male in this rare image of the famous Walls of Pompeii. Housed in a half leather case; slightly dark image.

Pompeii is a ruined Roman city near m...

Autographed Julie Gross by Hoffert Cabinet CardAutographed Julie Gross by Hoffert Cabinet Card
Excellent signed cabinet card of actress Jenny Gross of Austrian. She poses with two bouquets of flowers as Juliet fromthe classic Romeo and Juliet. With Hofferts' photographic logo mount recto.

ID'd Civil War Naval Officer CDVID'd Civil War Naval Officer CDV
Excellent Civil War CDV of Union Navy Officer A.H. Foote with the American Flag, painted background. Appears to be a photograph of a painting. The officer is pictured in an elaborate uniform with a regal expression on his face. Behind the officer is ...

Autographed George Somers PhotographAutographed George Somers Photograph
8 x 10 silver image signed by George Somers. Circa 1940s.

Autographed Actor Silver PhotographAutographed Actor Silver Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph autographed by an actor known only as 'Stu'. Circa 1935 by Sussman.

New York City Fire DepartmentNew York City Fire Department
Silver photograph showing the Hook and Ladder #10 and 1st Battalion Chief car in temporary quarters becuase of street repairs in front of the firehouse. Circa 1948 silver photograph measuring 8 x 10 with news service caption mount verso.

Jessie Bartlett Davis by Newsboy Cabinet CardJessie Bartlett Davis by Newsboy Cabinet Card
Cabinet card of opera star Jessie Bartlett Davis. Identified in the negative and numbered 30. With Newsboy's photographic logo mount recto.

Jessie Bartlett Davis (1861-1905) was a contralto and operetta star. Born in Illinois, the daughter ...

Guy Mitchell Signed Photograph by KriegsmannGuy Mitchell Signed Photograph by Kriegsmann
Circa 1950 silver image of musician and actor Guy Mitchell. With James J. Kriegsmann's photographic logo in the negative. Born Albert George Cernick in 1925, he died in 2002.

He was signed by Warner Brothers as a child for his possible fut...

Milbourn Wagon Factory PhotographMilbourn Wagon Factory Photograph
Silver image of the Milbourn Wagon Factory, located in Toledo, Ohio. Shows the interior of the factory with dozens of wagon wheels waiting for assembly into completed wagons and carriages. Some damage to upper right corner of image and one crease in...

Three Young Sisters with Umbrella Cabinet CardThree Young Sisters with Umbrella Cabinet Card
Image of three young girls from toddler to one shy of being a teen. They pose with the oldest holding an Umbrella and the second oldest with what appears to be a flower.

Architectural Interior PhotographArchitectural Interior Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph of a home interior. Focuses on a corner of a room with a steam radiator nearby. With 'The Architects' Small House Service Bureau'. Circa 1940.

Cabinet Card of Actress May SteelCabinet Card of Actress May Steel
Excllent cabinet card of May Steel by Hastings of Boston, Massachusetts. Identified in period hand mount recto with reference to Rice's Corsair.

'In 1887 Edward E. Rice a musical tenuously based an Byron's poem The Corsair. Adhering to th...

Maude Branscombe by Mora CDVMaude Branscombe by Mora CDV
CDV of Actress Maud Branscombe, by highly noted New York photographer of the famous, particularly Broadway figures, Jose M. Mora. Identified mount recto with Mora's logo. It is a close shot with an interesting hat and effective studio lighting.

Alice Atherton by Scholl Cabinet CardAlice Atherton by Scholl Cabinet Card
Excellent actress cabinet card by Scholl of Philadelphia. Alice Atherton (1854-1899) who seems to have been born in London, was one of the original members of the Lydia Thompson's Company, working with them from 1870 until 1877. After her years with ...

Rugby Team CDVRugby Team CDV
Excellent horizontal CDV of a British Rugby team. The players pose in three rows with their equipment in hand. With W.M. Chaffin of Sherborne, England photographic logo. Great sport subject matter CDV!

Cabinet Card of Actress Sadie MartinotCabinet Card of Actress Sadie Martinot
Excllent cabinet card of Sadie Martinot by Hastings of Boston, Massachusetts.

Sadie Martinot ( 1862-1923) was born in Jamacia and at some point in her youth moved with her parents to the Middle East, at the age of eleven she performed on s...

Boy with a Drum and Whip CDVBoy with a Drum and Whip CDV
CDV of a young lad holding a small whip with his foot propped on a snare drum. Oval image on a trimmed CDV mount; circa 1870.

Three Exterior ImagesThree Exterior Images
Three unique images. The first is of some type of construction operation with several men standing on their machinery; 3 x 2. The second is of a train near a body of water with a small boat in the water nearby; 4 x 3. The last is of a small stream o...

Major Littlefinger by EisenmannMajor Littlefinger by Eisenmann
Cabinet card by Charles Eisenmann. With 'Major Littlefinger and Wife Age 27 & 26' in period hand mount verso. Major Littlefinger and his wife, The Fairy Queen, in real life were Charles and Eliza Nestel. Littlefinger himself has also been identif...

Girl with a Doll CDVGirl with a Doll CDV
Pouty little girl holds her china doll closely in this circa 1885 CDV. Identified as Maud Robinson of Providence, Rhode Island along with Manchester Brothers photographic logo mount verso.

Parade Silver PhotographParade Silver Photograph
8 x 10 image of a man in military uniform driving a two horse-pulled carriage. He rides along a street lined by people standing, as if he is in a parade. Circa 1925 image.

Restaurant Silver PhotographRestaurant Silver Photograph
Circa 1910 restaurant silver image showing the interior of a restaurant full of patrons enjoying their dinner. Measures 8 x 5on a black mount; slightly faded.

Pepsi Girls: News Service Photo of Reeke TwinsPepsi Girls: News Service Photo of Reeke Twins
Image of Pepsi-Cola advertising girls Eileen and Edna Reeke. Circa 1941 image announcing thier new advertising stunt of sending the twins and cases of Pepsi to service men during World War II. With news agency caption mount recto.

Home Exterior Silver PhotographsHome Exterior Silver Photographs
Group of a 3 silver images of home exteriors. Each is on a larger black mount. Two images feature a man and wife standing in front of the houses. Measures 6-1/4 x 4, 6-3/4 x 4-3/4 and 4-3/4 x 4; all on larger black mounts of various sizes.

Saloon Silver PhotographSaloon Silver Photograph
Excellent silver photograph of a bar or saloon interior. Shows the bar with men lined up the length of it enjoying their drinks. Circa 1925 on a larger tan mount.

Saloon with Christmas Decor PhotographSaloon with Christmas Decor Photograph
5 x 7 silver photograph of a bar interior that is decorated festively for the holidays. Shows a group of men drinking in the backgorund with two bartenders behind the bar. Circa 1910 image on a larger black mount.

Flood Silver PhotographFlood Silver Photograph
Image measuring 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 of woman and small boy in a small boat floating in the streets of a flooded downtown. On a larger light gray mount. Circa 1915; slightly faded with one corner chipped.

Interior Silver PhotographInterior Silver Photograph
Interesting image of a home interior. Shows the corner of a living room withe a window to the side a fireplace. Circa 1920 8 x 10 image.

Faitoute Iron and Steel CompanyFaitoute Iron and Steel Company
8 x 10 silver image of several vehicles in front and exiting the buidlding of the Faitoute Iron and Steel Company. Circa 1942 World War II era news service photo with caption verso referencing steel and the war.

Catholic Priest Cabinet CardCatholic Priest Cabinet Card
Image of a priest or other clergy member wearing a traditional religious cap and robe. Circa 1880 cabinet card by Guerln of St. Louis, Missouri.

Albumen of a Large Home with CarriageAlbumen of a Large Home with Carriage
Excellent albumen image of a large 2-1/2 story home on a large lot. Several people stand about in the front with a lady in a horse driven buggy. Circa 1890 image measuring 6 x 8 on a slightly larger black mount.

World War I Funeral Procession Parade Silver PhotoWorld War I Funeral Procession Parade Silver Photo
Oblong image measuring 11 x 7 of a group of marching U.S. Army and Navy personnel in a small city parade, circa 1915. A coffin is in the forefront with a U.S. Flag draped over it. Shows a small downtown with a church in the background.

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