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President FDR Silver PrintsPresident FDR Silver Prints
Two silver prints of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Each approximately 8-1/2 x 6-1/2. Both of the president and sons on vacation during his presidency. INP photos with attached paper slugs. Circa 1934.

Roosevelt High School Track TeamRoosevelt High School Track Team
Splendid silver print measuring 6" x 8" on a larger two-tone gray mat. In the negative recto "Roosevelt High School Track Team April 1924, H. Larson Studio."

Cushing Academy Football TeamCushing Academy Football Team
Group image with spectators in the stands above of the Cushing Academy Football Team in Ashburnham, Mass. Inset of school appears center of image. 9-1/2" x 7-3/8" on a larger gray mount. Silver print.

Fairmount Park Race Track PhotoFairmount Park Race Track Photo
Image of the owner, trainer and jockey of the horse "Chance Taken". Image was taken at Farimount Park in Collinsville, IL - a suburb of St. Louis, MO. CIrca September 1944. Aproximately 8" x 10" on a larger tan mount.

Orchestra and Choir PhotoOrchestra and Choir Photo
Approximately 9-7/8" x 7-7/8" on a larger two-toned gray-brown mount. Silver print of an orchestra.

Sunday School OrchestraSunday School Orchestra
Second Congressional Sunday School Orchestral Association. Group shot of the entire band. 9-5/8" x 7-5/8" silver print on a larger brown mount.

Race CarRace Car
Two 8" x 10" silver prints of a race car. One up close of the engine and the other of the entire auto on a trailer.

Actress by Clarence BullActress by Clarence Bull
8' x 10' silver print of an unknown actress by the famed photographer of the stars. She holds a large stuffed kangaroo with a joey or a rabbit. On verso stamped 'Photographed by / Clarence Sinclair Bull / Credit Appreciated'. In the negative rect...

Eight Images from SudanEight Images from Sudan
Various size silver prints. Each ranges from 3-1/4" x 2-1/4" to 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" on mats approximately 5" x 6". Some two images per mat, others one image. Each has notation in period hand using white ink.

Diamond Rubber CompanyDiamond Rubber Company
Set of 10 photographs - silver prints - of various operations of the Diamond Rubber Company. One with 3 holes and all have slight damage. Otherwise in very good condition. Circa 1920s. Approximately 9-1/2" x 7-1/2".

Lumber Company OfficeLumber Company Office
Silver print approximately 5' x 7' on a larger gray mount.

Chicago Bakers Drum and Bugle CorpsChicago Bakers Drum and Bugle Corps
Silver print on a larger dark brown mount of a bnad with their instruments. On the drum center reads "Chicago Bakers Drum & Bugle Corps Chicago Ill. Approximately 8" x10" on a larger mount.

Merchant BuildingMerchant Building
Approximately 6-1/2" x 8-1/4" silver print on a larger dark gray mount. Features a clothing/tailor shop in a building with a dog and presumably the owner standing in front. Sign atop the building reads "D.J. Johnson". Printed on the glass is "Merch...

Old Civil War Co. G  Veterans on the Natick CommonOld Civil War Co. G Veterans on the Natick Common
Silver print with 'Old Co G On The Natick Common / - 1909 - ' in hand on the mount recto. Civil War veterans from Company G.Approximately 9-7/8' x 7-1/4' on a dark gray mount.

Theatrical Silver PrintTheatrical Silver Print
5" x 7" silver print on a larger two-tone gray mount feauturing actors and actresses in full costume. Probably a school play.

Actresses and Actorsin Oriental CostumeActresses and Actorsin Oriental Costume
Oblon silver print on a gray mount of theatre entertainers in Oriental costume. Very likely a school production of the Mikado. Measures 8" x 4" on a larger gray mount.

US Guards at the Paris ExpositionUS Guards at the Paris Exposition
Large silver print. Meaures 11" x 8" on a larger trimmed tan mount. On mount recto bottom left "Professor STEBBING, Photographer, PARIS". In period hand, verso "U.S. Guards at the Paris Exposition 1900. Taken July 4th 1900".

World War I SoldiersWorld War I Soldiers
Group image of 9 soldiers with one holding a flag. Inset of two additional soldiers within gold stars on each upper corner. (Gold stars as insets means these soldiers were killed.) Measures 8" x 10" on a larger gray two-toned mount. Circa 1920s.

Wood WorkersWood Workers
Possibly a cabinet maker shop. Approximately 8" x 6" silver print on a larger black mount of woodworkers in their shop. Stamped on verso "Ed. Stratton, Commerical Photographer, / 275 W. Monroe St., / Chicago."

Lumber Yard on a RiverLumber Yard on a River
Silver print measuring about 6"x 8" on a larger black mount. Nice image of a lumberyard on a stream. Circa 1900.

Blacksmithing Silver PrintBlacksmithing Silver Print
6' X 8' image of a blacksmith shop and several blacksmiths standing in front. Sign on building reads 'Jacob Myear / Blacksmithing and Horse Shoeing'. Crisp, clear image in excellent shape. On a larger tan mount. Circa 1930

Machine Shop or MillworkMachine Shop or Millwork
Image of machinists in a machine shop or millworks. Silver print measuring approximately 8" x 10" on a larger black mount. Some damage to mount on left side; not affecting image. Circa 1900.

Cooney Basketball Team c1931Cooney Basketball Team c1931
Group of basketball players in uniform wearing uniforms with 'COONEY' on the chest and holding a basketball dated '31. Possibly the local town college or high school team. 7-7/8' x 9-1/4' on a larger mulit-toned mount. Minor stains and marks on...

Blacksmith ShopBlacksmith Shop
Image of a blacksmith shop with several workers out front. Sign on front of building reads "Jacob Mylar Blacksmithing and Horse Shoeing". 8" x 6" on a large black mount with one corner cracked and loose.

Railroad ConductorsRailroad Conductors
Group of four railroad train engineers or conductors. Light and faded image measuring 9-1/2" x 7-3/4" on a trimmed gray mount.

Fraternal ParadeFraternal Parade
Silver print on a decorative two-tone gray mount. Fraternal order marching in a parade. Circa 1930s. Approximately 4-3/4" x 6-5/8" on a larger mount.

1920s Sedan and Passengers1920s Sedan and Passengers
Approximately 5" x 7" silver print of a car with several pasengers. This automobile is an early sedan from the 1920s. On a gray mount with one corner chipped.

Wedding Party PhotographsWedding Party Photographs
Two silver prints. One features the bride, groom, best man and maid of honor. The second features the entire wedding party. Measures approximately 7" x 9-1/4" and 8" x 10" respectively.

Childrens Fashion PhotographsChildrens Fashion Photographs
Two images by Underwood and Underwood of a young girl modeling outfits. Each contains attached recto typed notes and credit to the above photograph agency. Measures approximately 6-1/2" x 8-1/2" each.

Dry Cleaners Silver PrintDry Cleaners Silver Print
Approximately 5" x 7" silver print of a dry cleaner shop and workers on a gray mount. Circa 1920s.

Woolworth Store DisplayWoolworth Store Display
Circa 1935 image of a display case inside a Woolworth's store. Shows mostly womens belts and accessories. 8' x 10' silver print.

Office and WorkersOffice and Workers
Silver image of two men sitting at desks in an office. Circa 1910. Measures 5" x 7" on a larger black mount.

Five Bar PhotosFive Bar Photos
Five images of different bars from the inside:
- Gumball and Coca Cola Signs
- Mills Empress (1939), Rockwood Pla-Mor Wallbox
- Cigarette Machine
- Seeburg 20 Selections Box
- Brooks Log Hotel

Silver prints...

Factory PhotographFactory Photograph
Image of a small factory. A conveyor belt of sorts running off a large wheel is center of the image. Three workers standby, one of them African American. Measures 8" x 6" on a slightly larger dark gray mount.

Women's OccupationalWomen's Occupational
Nice silver print of women working in the garment industry in a factory. Image shows women in front of their sewing machines. On a 10" x 12" grey mount; photograph measures 6-1/4" x 8" Entire mount not shown. NOTE: nearly identical to item number 75.

St. Louis Symphony OrchestraSt. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Spectacular image of the St. Louis Symphony standing outside their former home before Powell Symphony Hall was completed in 1925. Inscribed in the negative is "St. Louis Symphony Orchestra / Dec. 21st, 1913". This image measures 10" x 8" on a slight...

Used CarsUsed Cars
Used Car dealer and the automobiles. Standing in front is the sales staff and mechanics. Measures 7" x 5" on a slightly larger gray mount.

African Safari ImagesAfrican Safari Images
Seven African Safari 4-1/2' by 6 1/2' silver images some gold toned of an African safari c. 1910. There are tigers, lions, kudus and other animal carcasses as shot shown with the safari attendants. Each image is mounted on a larger grey board. <...

Set of two BertillonsSet of two Bertillons
Bertillons were used before Mug Shots came in vogue. These are early 1900 sheets used to identify crimimals. One side usually contains either an image or a clip from a newspaper along with descriptive statistics on the suspect. The recto contains arr...

Berkeley, Illinois Minstrels ShowBerkeley, Illinois Minstrels Show
Framed image of the minstrels from the Second Grand Minstrel Show by the Berkeley Minstrels of Berkeley, Illinois. Dated Friday, January 26, 1923. On recto is part of the program from the show. Image is 6-5/8" x 4-3/8" on a larger dark gray mount in ...

Bandsman ImageBandsman Image
Possibly bandsman or similar: four men wearing uniforms the "WIS" emblem on their caps and uniforms. They stand with what appears to be swords at their sides. By Perdieu Studio of Milwaukee. Measures 7-1/4" x 9-1/2" mount.

Bandsman ImageBandsman Image
Possibly bandsman or similar: four men wearing uniforms the "WIS" emblem on their caps and uniforms. Two stand, two sit. By Perdieu Studio of Milwaukee. Measures 7-1/4" x 9-1/2" mount.

Aerial Image of a FarmAerial Image of a Farm
Image of a farm or orchard. 11-1/2" x 7-1/2" on a slightly larger black mount. Image is loose in spots, mount has several chips.

Aerial View of a FarmAerial View of a Farm
Image of a farm or orchard. 11-1/2" x 8" on a slightly larger black mount. Image is loose in spots, mount has several chips.

Halsman of Marsha HuntHalsman of Marsha Hunt
Marsha Hunt. Movie star. (1917 - 1986) Was with the Group Theatre in NYC and
was blacklisted by HUAC. Ruined her career. Image by famous photographer of the stars, Philippe Halsman. Stamped on verso. 10-7/8' x 13-1/2'. American actress Marsha ...

NY City Architecture by HellerNY City Architecture by Heller
Vintage view of New York city architecture by Frank J. Heller, stamped, 1940's, 16 x 20".

Restaurant and WorkersRestaurant and Workers
Wonderful image of waiters, waitresses and busboys inside a restaurant prior to the dinner hour rush. Measures 9-3/4" x 7-1/2" on a larger gray mount. Circa 1920.

Horserace Photo 1947Horserace Photo 1947
Image of the winning horse, jockey, owners and trainer. Dated 1947; measures 9-1/4" x 7-1/4" in a larger mat.

Family on Porch with Tennis RacketsFamily on Porch with Tennis Rackets
Image of a home with a larger number of folks standing on Porch. Several of them are holding tennnis rackets. Circa 1910, in an era when tennis was only enjoyed by the privileged class. Measures 8-5/8" x 6-1/2" on a larger, chipped black mount.

Fabric Store ImageFabric Store Image
Image of a fabric store. On reverse hand-written note indicates this is an picture of the L.B. Dresser Store in Centuria, WI. 8-1/2" x 6-1/2" on a larger gray mount.

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