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Horn players and SoloistHorn players and Soloist
Horizontal Cabinet card of a group of 5 musicians. One man holds a songbook and the other four hold their horned instruments. Three are female and all are wearing uniforms. A bit light.

Man Playing Violin CabinetMan Playing Violin Cabinet
Nice image of a young man playing the violin. The case is on the ground to his right.

Albumen of a Small BandAlbumen of a Small Band
Photographer unknown; members of a band with a guitar, mandoline, violin and holding sheet music. Circa 1890. 6-1/2" x 5-3/8" on a larger mount with some staining and one crack in mount.

Albumens of Alpines - Two PhotographsAlbumens of Alpines - Two Photographs
Two albumens on oversized tan mounts. One is of the Alpines and the second of a large lake with a structure in the left foreground and Alpines in the background. Each approximately 4" x 6" on quite larger mounts.

Greek Architecture & Lady of Florence AlbumensGreek Architecture & Lady of Florence Albumens
Identified in the negative "9183 SOLUNTO Rovine G. Sommer - Napoli" and in period hand mount recto "Greek Architecture Solunto, Sicily Y. Century B.C. Ellis" Meausers 10-1/8" x 8-1/8" on a larger tan moutn with several corner and other chips that od ...

Notre Dame Albumens - Two SidedNotre Dame Albumens - Two Sided
Two-sided albumen images on a tan mount. Both identified in the negative "No. 118 PARIS. Eglise , Notre-Dame, la Nef L.P. Phot." and "No. 203 PARIS. Eglise , Notre-Dame, X. Phot." Each measures 8-1/2" x 10-3/4" on a slightly larger trimmed tan mount....

La Cathedrale Notre Dame  and La Sainte AlbumensLa Cathedrale Notre Dame and La Sainte Albumens
Two-sided albumen images on a tan mount. Both identified in the negative "No. 132 PARIS. La Cathedrale, Notre-Dame, porte Rouge L.P. Phot." and "1045 PARIS. - La Sainte-Chapelle X Phot." Each measures 8-1/2" x 10-3/4" on a slightly larger tan mount.

Two-sided Albumen ImagesTwo-sided Albumen Images
11-3/8" x 7-1/2" image of what appears to be an entrance to a university of campus on a larger tan mount. In the background many pedestrians are seen strolling the grounds. The opposing side features an image 10-3/4" x 8" of a beautiful lake with re...

Two-sided Albumen ImagesTwo-sided Albumen Images
10-3/4" x 8-1/8" image of busy street looking onward with many pedestrians on foot and horse & carriage passing by the large buildings on a larger tan mount. The opposing side (10-1/2" x 8-1/4") features an image of a grand staircase inside a exclusi...

The Paris Opera House and Parthenon or AcropolisThe Paris Opera House and Parthenon or Acropolis
Two-sided Albumen Images; 10-3/4" x 8-1/4". The first is the Parthenon or the Acropolis on a larger tan mount. The opposing side features an image of The Paris Opera House in front of the busy square with throngs of folks passing by. It is apparent...

W.H. Craig CDVW.H. Craig CDV
Embossed in mount recto "W.H. Craig" with revenue stamp verso.

Mayor Grace CDVMayor Grace CDV
Could be Mayor Grace of New York, mid-1880s.

Opera Cabinet CardOpera Cabinet Card
German opera star. ID'd verso in period hand.

Oversize Cabinet of a German ActressOversize Cabinet of a German Actress
Mount measures 5-1/8' x 8-3/8'. Rounded corners, more pronounced at bottom; does not detract from image. Circa 1895.

Skirt DancerSkirt Dancer
Cabinet card by Howe of Chicago of a young skirt dancer in costume.

Grand Canon of the Arkansas RiverGrand Canon of the Arkansas River
In the negative "607 Grand Canon of the Arkansas River." Oversize cabinet card by E.R Davis. Photographer, Denver CO.

Sunrise, from Pike's PeakSunrise, from Pike's Peak
In the negative recto left "Sunrise, from Summit Pike's Peak. 293" and on right "Hook Photo". Oversize cabinet card W.E. Hook Wholesale View Company - embossed in mount.

Child and Rocking HorseChild and Rocking Horse
Young child sitting in what appears to be a home-made rocking horse.

Cabinet Card of a Child with a ToyCabinet Card of a Child with a Toy
Nice cabinet of a very young child holding a horse pull toy.

Two German Actor CabinetsTwo German Actor Cabinets
One is of Siegred in full armour. The second is of Paracelsus (Fareies) in full costume.

Opera Cabinet and Actor CabinetOpera Cabinet and Actor Cabinet
One image is of Seth M. Crane, The Original and Prince of Pippos - Fay Templeton Opera Co. and is marked on the mount recto. The seond image by Falk is of Herbert Kelcey and his name ins printed on the mount recto. Fay Templeton (1865-1939) was an Am...

Little Anna by Wendt Cabinet CardLittle Anna by Wendt Cabinet Card
A nice cabinet card by famous photographer Frank Wendt. Features child star Little Anna. In mount recto "LITTLE ANNA / Frank Wendt, Photo Artist, Boonton N.J." A bit light, as is much of his work.

Medical AnomalyMedical Anomaly
What appears to be a normal mother and her deformed son. He has some type of upper body physical anomaly. Odd.

President Garfield and Wife CDVsPresident Garfield and Wife CDVs
Pair of matching CDVs of the president and his wife. On the mount recto of his 'President James A. Garfield'. Hers, also mount recto reads 'Mrs. James A. Garfield'

Ferris Wheel - St. Louis World's FairFerris Wheel - St. Louis World's Fair
Excellent cabinet card of the large Ferris Wheel located at Forest Park in St. Louis for the 1904 World's Fair. Statistics regarding Ferris Wheel on verso. This Ferris Wheel was the first. It built for and then was dimantled after the Chicago fai...

Seven Falls, Cheyene Canon Oversize CabinetSeven Falls, Cheyene Canon Oversize Cabinet
Large format cabinet card. In negative "Hook Photo" lower left and "188 Seven Falls, Cheyenne Cannon." lower right. 4-3/8" x 7-1/4" on a slightly larger mount.

Mother Grundy RailroadMother Grundy Railroad
Oversize cabinet card. In negative 'Mother Grundy. CCRR. No. 2002.'. Meausures 4-1/8' x 6-1/8' on a slightly larger mat.

Pach Bros. Military CadetsPach Bros. Military Cadets
Military Cadets, Ca. 1875, typical Pach mount. Measures 9-1/4" x 7" on a slightly larger black mount. Great example of Pach Brother's military work in the northeast.

Bandsman CDVBandsman CDV
CDV of a bandsman in full uniform holding his trumpet. Nice image of a musician; circa 1880

Prince and Princess of WalesPrince and Princess of Wales
Etching CDV of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Boat and it's Captain Cabinet CardBoat and it's Captain Cabinet Card
Horizontal cabinet card of a small boat named "Trixie" with the captain standing at the front of the hull.

Wedding Cabinet CardWedding Cabinet Card
Circa 1895. Wonderful cabinet card of a Married Couple from their Wedding.

Train and Firing Cannon AlbumenTrain and Firing Cannon Albumen
Odd image of a train with two cars. In front, partially obscured is a cannon, which is being fired. 10-1/2" x 6-1/2".

Berlin Street AlbumenBerlin Street Albumen
Unmounted albumen of a Russion street in Berlin. Stamped on image on lower left is "E. Linde & Co. / Sophus Williams Nacht, / Kunstveriax, Berlin 8. W". Opposite, in the negative on lower right is "1901." and "9. Berlin. In der Sieges-Allee." This m...

Trombonist Cabinet CardTrombonist Cabinet Card
Nice cabinet card of young musician holding his trombone.

Occupational CDV - RR Switchman:Occupational CDV - RR Switchman:
CDV of a railroad switchman with hat and gloves. Nice image harkening back to the grand era of the railroad expansion. Circa 1870.

 Set of Two Cabinets - Kids and Wicker Set of Two Cabinets - Kids and Wicker
Each is an image of a child in a wicker baby carriage with large wheels.

Two cabinets - one signed - Bert WalkerTwo cabinets - one signed - Bert Walker
Autographed cabinet card of Bert Walker; splendid cabinet card autographed by the Vaudevillian actor wearing a Tux, Top Hat and holding a Cane. Signed on the recto. A few marks, otherwise good condition. The second image is of an actor and actress ...

Women's Occupational: Crocheting Cabinet CardWomen's Occupational: Crocheting Cabinet Card
Horizontal cabinet card of four women chrocheting. Four ladies work their craft sitting for standing around a table in this classic women's occupational. Could be considered hobby or craft.

Set of Three - Kids and WickerSet of Three - Kids and Wicker
Three cabinet cards of children and wicker baby carriages. Two cabinets feature one child in a carriage and the third is of one child in the stroller surrounded by three old siblings.

Two Cabinets - KidsTwo Cabinets - Kids
One oversize cabinet of a young girl wearing a fur coat and cap pushing a baby stroller. Oval image 5" x 3-1/2" on a larger tan mount. The second image , on a dark gray mount, shows a young baby in a wicker baby carriage; slightly oversize cabinet ca...

Outdoor Image of Home, Horses and PeopleOutdoor Image of Home, Horses and People
Wonderful albumen of a homestead. Features about 20 standing around outside a home, some on a horse and buggy. Fresh snowfall dates this to bine the winter months. Stamped on back "W.S. Zinn, Landscape & Interiro Photograhper," / "26 Sixth Street S...

New York State FairNew York State Fair
Image of a State Fair, possibly New York, by Rochester Optical Company. Measures 4" x 5" on a slightly larger mount. On verso: "SAMPLE PHOTOGRAPH," / "MADE WITH 4 x 5" / "PREMO A." / "MANUFACTURED BY" / "ROCHESTER OPTICAL COMPANY" / "ROCHESTER, N. ...

CDV of E. M. StantonCDV of E. M. Stanton
CDV engraving of Edwin M. Stanton; name printed on mount. Hon. E. M. Stanton, served as the Secretary of War during the Civil War. Later he was appointed to the Supreme Court, but passed away a few days later.

Morning Glory Spring by HaynesMorning Glory Spring by Haynes
Albumen from Yellowstone National Park. On the mount 'MORNING GLORY SPRING' / 'SCENERY OF THE YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK' / 'F. JAY HAYNES, PUBLISHER, FARGO, D.T.' Mount has slightly rounded corners and several chips at corners; does not detract fro...

Albumen of the Birthplace of the Explorer ColumbusAlbumen of the Birthplace of the Explorer Columbus
Close up albumen photograph of a building that is understood to be the birthplace of Columbus in Genoa, Italy. Photographer unknown. Measures 9' x 11' on a trimmed gray mount. Circa 1890.

Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain across the ...

Rock of Gibraltar - Two AlbumensRock of Gibraltar - Two Albumens
Measures 8-1/2" x 6" on a larger gray mount. Reads "Gibraltar" in period hand in the lower left of the mount below the image. Rounded corners. Rock of Gibraltar albumen photograph. Measures 8-1/2 x 6 on a light gray mount. Identified in period han...

Elephants at WorkElephants at Work
P. Klier. Rangoon "Elephants at Work". ca 1899 Gold toned silver photograph, 10-1/2" x 8-1/2" on a larger gray mount.

Girard College by Francis FrithGirard College by Francis Frith
Girard College building by Francis Frith. Unmounted albumen; 10-1/8 x 5-1/4. Marked "DKI#3257" on upper right corner. Francis Frith, (1822 - 1898) Work included Egypt, England and USA. Mostly albumens. Printed in negative "6020 Girard Coll:Philadelph...

Batheden Church albumen by Francis FrithBatheden Church albumen by Francis Frith
Batheden Church by Francis Frith. Unmounted albumen; 9-7/8 x 5-1/4. Marked "DKI#3255" on upper right corner. Francis Frith, (1822 - 1898) Work included Egypt, England and USA. Mostly albumens. Printed in negative "6021Batheden Ch:Philadelphia".

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