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Span Am Soldier Cabinet CardSpan Am Soldier Cabinet Card
Cabinet Card of a Spanish American War soldier. Circa 1885.

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor MuseumUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor Museum
Photograph of the Museum at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Shows the grand building exterior. Measures 4-1/2 x 5-1/2 on a larger black mount; circa 1890.

Span Am Officers Silver PhotographSpan Am Officers Silver Photograph
Group of three Spanish American war soldiers, two with Sergeant stripes on their sleeves and one with a medical cross on his sleeve. Slightly larger than a CDV.

Cyanotype of a Park GazeboCyanotype of a Park Gazebo
Cabinet card cyanotype of a park gazebo and two women in a park. Circa 1890 image with the blue tint associated with cyanotypes. Taken in Gibbon, Nebraska.

Bride and Monocle-Wearing Groom Wedding PhotographBride and Monocle-Wearing Groom Wedding Photograph
Silver image measuring approximately 4-1/2 x 7-1/2 of a bride and groom on their wedding night. What is around his neck, a monocle possible? On larger cream colored photographic paper; circa 1928.

MWA Picnic Silver PhotographMWA Picnic Silver Photograph
Silver photograph circa June, 1900 of the MWA Picnic featuring well dressed ladies, musicians and other picnic-goers. Identified in the negative; 6 x 8 on a trimmed gray mount. Photo by Brintnall of Elroy, Wisconsin.

Organist Charles Courboin PhotographOrganist Charles Courboin Photograph
Excellent silver photograph by Apeda of organ virtuoso Charles Courboin. Circa 1935 silver image identified in hand verso.

Woolworth Store Mints Display PhotosWoolworth Store Mints Display Photos
Two circa 1933 images of a display case inside a Woolworth's store. Shows Richardson's Jelly Center Mints display window. 8' x 10' silver photographs printed on linen paper. Note sign in background reading 'Century of Progress' indicating this is mos...

Man with Medals Cabinet CardMan with Medals Cabinet Card
Possibly a fraternal or lodge member. He wears several large medals on his chest. One medal has an animal rack as part of the decoration, possibly an Elk member.

House and Horse Cabinet CardHouse and Horse Cabinet Card
Horizontal image of a horse in the foreground of an older home. Circa 1890.

Synagogue Silver PhotographSynagogue Silver Photograph
Image of the interior of a Jewish Synagogue. Shows a larger organ, rows of pews and several Menorahs. Circa 1920 image measuring 9-1/2 x 7-1/2.

House Exterior Gold Chloride Silver PhotographHouse Exterior Gold Chloride Silver Photograph
Circa 1900 exterior of a house with what appears to be a large family in the foreground. A horse and carriage appear in the photo also. Measures 6 x 8 on a larger black mount.

Wedding Party PhotographWedding Party Photograph
Silver photograph of a large wedding party - the bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, two bridesmaids and two groomsmen. The flower girl and ring bearer also appear in the photo. Excellent 8 x 10 horizontal image; circa 1942.

Boiler and Boiler Operator PhotographBoiler and Boiler Operator Photograph
5 x 7 unmounted silver photograph of a boiler and a boiler operator. Excellent industrial and occupational image. Circa 1925.

Autographed Silver Photo of USAF General BurnsAutographed Silver Photo of USAF General Burns
Autographed oversized silver photograph of U.S. Air Force General, Bobby Burns. Signed by Bobby Burns. Approximately 14-1/2 x 19. Circa 1950.

Parade Float Silver PhotographParade Float Silver Photograph
Silver image of a parade float with the driver and two ladies in their Sunday finest riding in the back of the car. Circa 1925 trimmed photograph mounted on thin cardboard, measuring 9-1/2 x 7-1/2.

Cattle Farming Silver PhotographCattle Farming Silver Photograph
Image of a large group of cows on a farm. Measures 3-3/4 x 6-1/2 on a larger black mount.

Bride and Groom Wedding PhotographBride and Groom Wedding Photograph
Silver image measuring approximately 4 x 5-1/2 of a bride and groom on their wedding night. On a larger cream colored mount trimmed in gold. By Kuessner of Chicago; circa 1910.

Red & Duke Johnson Vaudeville Team PhotoRed & Duke Johnson Vaudeville Team Photo
Autographed silver photograph of Red and Duke Johnson as 'Two Milkmen'. Signed 8 x 10 image of these burlesque comics, circa 1925.

Shark Fishing News Service PhotographsShark Fishing News Service Photographs
Set of 12 silver photographs with news captions attached. Circa 1944 images each approximately 8 x 10 featuring the art of shark fishing. With news story by S.S. Beneckson of International News Photos.

Home Cabinet Card - NebraskaHome Cabinet Card - Nebraska
Large home located on a boulevard in Gibbon, Nebraska. Horizontal silver photograph slightly larger than a cabinet card, measuring 3-3/4 x 4-3/4 on a larger black mount. Circa 1900.

Lodge Silver PhotographLodge Silver Photograph
Group of men and women eah wearing a fraternal or lodge-oriented sash. The stand in what appears to be a wall in the interior of their hall. Measures 8-1/2 x 6-1/2 on a larger tan mount, circa 1920.

General Store Silver PhotographGeneral Store Silver Photograph
5 x 7 image of the interior of a general store. Three men stand behind the counter and one, a customer, in front. Circa 1907 photograph on a larger gray mount.

Jennie Joyce by Newsboy Cabinet CardJennie Joyce by Newsboy Cabinet Card
Newsboy cabinet card of the nineteenth century actress Jennie Joyce in costume Numbered 13 mount recto with her name along with Newsboy's New York photographic logo. Circa 1890.

Palmer House Hotel AlbumenPalmer House Hotel Albumen
Albumen image of the Palmer House Hotel exterior with a larger group of men, women and children standing in front on the boardwalk. Circa 1890 image measuring 5 x 7 on a larger tan mount by Prosser & Carter Photographers.

Duplex Silver PhotographDuplex Silver Photograph
Circa 1890 silver photo of the exterior of a duplex. A man stands on the steps to one side of the building. Measures slightly larger than 6 x 8 on a larger tan mount.

Aero Hand Signals by Arthur Sasse News PhotosAero Hand Signals by Arthur Sasse News Photos
Set of 12 silver photographs with news captions attached. Circa 1944 images each approximately 8 x 10 featuring the art of aero hand signals used in aviation, in this case during World War II. With news story by Arthur Sasse of International News Pho...

Bridge of Sighs Gold-Toned Silver PhotographBridge of Sighs Gold-Toned Silver Photograph
9 x 7 gold-toned silver photograph of the Bridge of Sighs. Trimmed to the photo, this excellent image shows the narrow waterway with several boats navigating the narrow passage below the bridge. Circa 1900. Bridge of Sighs is a covered stone bridge i...

Tennis Game Albumen PhotographTennis Game Albumen Photograph
Excellent albumen image of a larger fenced in yard where two women play tennis. By Spencer of Chicago. The two play with a large home in the background along with several others seen in the neighborhood. This circa 1880 sporting or recreational image...

Span Am Soldier Cabinet CardSpan Am Soldier Cabinet Card
Cabinet Card of a Spanish American War soldier. Bangor, Maine image; Circa 1885.

Cabinet Card of William DandridgeCabinet Card of William Dandridge
Excellent cabinet card by he Imperial Gallery of San Francisco, California of William Dandridge. A signature or facsimile of one mount recto; some missing.

Two Girls and a HarmoniumTwo Girls and a Harmonium
Cabinet card of two young children, both in pretty white dresses, standing in front of a Harmonium, a small parlor organ that worked with a foot filled bellows. With one tear and crease lower left.

Span Am Soldier Cabinet CardSpan Am Soldier Cabinet Card
Cabinet Card of a Spanish American War soldier. 'SSCB' is on the emblem on his hat. Circa 1885.

Black Smith Shop InteriorBlack Smith Shop Interior
Image of several blacksmiths standing inside their smithy shop. Faded 5 x 7 image on a black mount; circa 1900.

L.C. Greer Cabinet CardL.C. Greer Cabinet Card
Cabinet card of L.C.Greer, VIP of the Boston and Albany Railroad. The Boston and Albany Railroad (AAR reporting mark BA) was a railroad connecting Boston, Massachusetts to Albany, New York, later becoming part of the New York Central Railroad system...

Boudoir Card of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia HarborBoudoir Card of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Harbor
Excellent oversize cabinet card overlooking the harbor at Yarmouth, Novia Scotia. Shows rows of house and businesses along the waterfront. Circa 1880 with L.G. Swain photographic backstamp.

Exterior Home Cabinet CardExterior Home Cabinet Card
Image of a farmhouse or rural home with two men standing in the fenced yard. Circa 1885 taken in Rio, Wisconsin.

Water Falling by Joseph ValasekWater Falling by Joseph Valasek
Mounted silver photograph 10-1/2 x 13-1/2 signed by the photographer mount recto. Valasek was an American photographer active in the 1930s and 1940s. This image, which showcases a beautiful waterfall and man below, circa 1935.

Span Am Soldier CDVSpan Am Soldier CDV
CDV of a Spanish American War soldier. By Eldridge & Loamis, Mankata, Minnesota. Circa 1885.

Turbines Silver PhotographTurbines Silver Photograph
5 x 7 silver image on a larger two-tone gray mount of four large turbines. A man stands near. Slightly faded with one chip to the mount. Circa 1915.

Wedding Silver PhotographWedding Silver Photograph
Circa 1925 image of a bride and groom. She holds her bouquet of flowers with man flowers around. Measures 5 x 7.

Patent PhotographPatent Photograph
Cabinet card of some type of mechanical device. Most likely used as a patent reference. German photographic backstamp.

Luckenbach Line Boat PhotographLuckenbach Line Boat Photograph
Silver image of a very large boat with the words 'Luckenbach Line' on the side. 8 x 10 image; circa 1925.

Fishermen and Their Catch Cabinet CardFishermen and Their Catch Cabinet Card
Horizontal cabinet card of six anglers with six large fish strung up in front of them. Great hobbyist cabinet card of a group of fishermen. Circa 1895.

Man with a Fur CoatMan with a Fur Coat
Cabinet card of a man with a fur coat and wearing a hat. Excellent fashion study from the late 1800s.

Newsboy Cabinet Card of Annie SummervilleNewsboy Cabinet Card of Annie Summerville
Excellent cabinet card with Newsboy's photographic logo and 'Annie Summerville' mount recto. Numbered 9 in the negative and mount recto. Summerville was a burlesque star in the late 1880s.

Pedal Car and a Child Dressed as an IndianPedal Car and a Child Dressed as an Indian
Silver photograph measuring 4 x 5-1/2 on a larger brown mount of three people standing in front of a home. Taken from across the street, it shows a man, a woman, possibly a maid, and two children. One child is in a pedal car and the other is dressed ...

Wedding Silver Photograph - 1928Wedding Silver Photograph - 1928
8 x 10 image of a bride, groom, maid of honor and best man. Circa 1928 silver photograph.

Automobile Interior Silver PhotographAutomobile Interior Silver Photograph
Image focusing on the dashboard taken from behind the driver's seat of a 1920s car. Interesting to see the sparseness and drab, harsh interior in contrast to today's vehicles.

Egyptian Man CDVEgyptian Man CDV
CDV of an Egyptian man sitting in a chair. The bearded fellow wears a fez. By Robert & Mylius of Alexandrie; with backstamp. Circa 1885.

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