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Young Boy on a Tricycle Sixth PlateYoung Boy on a Tricycle Sixth Plate
Cased tintype of a young lad on his prized three wheel bicycle. The young boy wears button-shoes, striped socks with a dandy suit for a young man. His hat has a small dove emblem on the ribbon that encircles the top. The suit is complete with matchin...


Signed Byron Allen Photograph Signed Byron Allen Photograph
8 x 10 sheet of two images of Byron Allen. He was the host of his own syndicated television show, 'The Byron Allen Show'.

Realtor Cabinet CardRealtor Cabinet Card
Image of a real estate agent standing in front of his real estate office. Excellent occupational cabinet card. Circa 1890.

Cabinet Card of a Child as Lord NelsonCabinet Card of a Child as Lord Nelson
This boy is in full costume as Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson. Nelson was born on 29th September 1758 to Catherine, wife of Norfolk rector, Rev. Edmund Nelson. He entered the Navy in 1771 aged 12, and by the age of 20, had achieved the rank of Capt...


Milwaukee Fireman and Horse Albumen Milwaukee Fireman and Horse Albumen
Approximately 6 x 8 albumen image of a Milwaukee, Wisconsin fireman with his trusty horse by his side. In the background is another fireman in front of a building. Circa 1890.

Japan, Described and Illustrated by the JapaneseJapan, Described and Illustrated by the Japanese
Bound volumes, III through X (3 through 10; missing 1 & 2). Edited by Captain Frank B. Brinkley. Beautifully illustrated with more than 25 hand-colored tipped-in albumen photographs, each approximately 8 x 10. In addition, the text of each book is...


Young Girl with a Doll Photograph Young Girl with a Doll Photograph
Image of a young child with a baby stroller, which rests her doll. Approximately 4 x 3 on a larger light brown mount. Circa 1915.


Family Photos Family Photos
Two images each measuring 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 of a group of family members taken in the same room.

Occupational Albumen PhotographOccupational Albumen Photograph
Albumen image measuring 5 x 8 of a group of six men in their overalls. Wagon wheels are to their left as they stand in front of their shop, possibly a carriage repair shop.

Autographed Alistar Cooke PhotographAutographed Alistar Cooke Photograph
Color 8 x 10 photograph of Alistar Cooke. Signed by the author.

Wedding Couples Cabinet CardsWedding Couples Cabinet Cards
Three cabinet cards of couples on their wedding nights. Three excellent grand images of matrimony with the ladies in bridal gowns and veils standing arm in arm with their grooms. Circa 1895-1900.

Violinist with Sheet Music Cabinet CardViolinist with Sheet Music Cabinet Card
A young man holding his prized violin and bow make up the subject of this cabinet card. Next to him appears a book of sheet music.

Kellog Nichols Man Killed in Train Robbery CCKellog Nichols Man Killed in Train Robbery CC
Cabinet card of Chicago Messenger Kellog Nichols. In period hand mount recto ' Kellog Nichols / Died March 13 / 86'. Circa 1880s.

Supposedly killed by Jesse James Gang on March 13, 1886 in a train robbery.

An excerpt from ...

18th Precinct Policeman Sixth Plate Tintype18th Precinct Policeman Sixth Plate Tintype
Excellent tintype of a policeman in a half lether case. He wears his full uniform including double breasted coat, badge, cap and holds his billy club in his hands. His badge reads '18' in reverse and the word 'POLICE', again in reverse, is embos...

Cabinet Card of Actor Nat GoodwinCabinet Card of Actor Nat Goodwin
Image of the spiffily dressed actor holding what could be a diploma or other important document. Nathaniel Carl Goodwin, American actor, was born in Boston on the 25th of July 1857. While clerk in a large shop he studied for the stage, and made his f...

431 Pearl Avenue Cabinet Card431 Pearl Avenue Cabinet Card
Cleveland, Ohio cabinet card of a small shop located on Pearl Avenue. The proprietor stands in the doorway. Identified along with photographic logo mount verso.

Shaker Lady Cabinet CardShaker Lady Cabinet Card
Excellent study of a Shaker woman in full dress. Identified mount verso in period hand as Mary Frost, 1806-1887.


Cabinet Card of a British Officer or Cadet Cabinet Card of a British Officer or Cadet
Cabinet card of either a British military Officer or Cadet. He stands wearing his uniform.

Autographed Perry Como Silver PhotographAutographed Perry Como Silver Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph of the famous singer Perry Como. Autographed on the chest.

Store Interior Silver PhotogaphStore Interior Silver Photogaph
Circa 1927 of the interior of a general or hardware store. Several men stand in the background including the store clerk. Approximately 8 x 10 on a trimmed black mount.

Albumen - Exterior of a HomeAlbumen - Exterior of a Home
Grou of men and women stand in the snow in front of a two storey home. On a tan mount, image measures 6-1/2 x 8. Excellent winter scene; circa 1890.

White House, Washington DC by Francis FrithWhite House, Washington DC by Francis Frith
Unmounted albumen by Francis Frith, (1822 - 1898). Identified in period hand verso 'Washington / No. 15 / White House / ff+Co' and numbered DKI#3258. Measures 7-1/2 x 11-1/2. Excellent image of the nation's capitol. Work included Egypt, England and ...

New York through Brooklyn BridgeNew York through Brooklyn Bridge
5 X 7 inch silver image of the Woolworth Towers and the Municipal Building through the cables of Brooklyn Bridge. A special reflector attachment was used

Group of Men, Women and Children PhotographGroup of Men, Women and Children Photograph
Possibly a church, school or family reunion image. Measures approximately 8 x 10 on a larger brown mount. Circa 1905.

Home Exterior Silver PhotographHome Exterior Silver Photograph
Man and three small children pose in front of a small frame house with a picket fence, which the man is standing near. Measures 6 x 8 on a larger black mount. Circa 1900; one crease down center of image.

Factory Clean Up PhotographFactory Clean Up Photograph
Silver image measuring approximately 8 x 10 on a light gray mount of a group of men cleaning up an area inside a factory. One man sweeps a broom while the other stand around in their work clothes. In the background stand several men wearing suits and...

Women's Occupational - Nurses Silver PhotographWomen's Occupational - Nurses Silver Photograph
Group of 16 nurses in a medical setting. They wear full uniforms include hats. Silver print measuring 8 x 6 on a larger black mount. Circa 1900.

Gander Gables by Ron ByersGander Gables by Ron Byers
Wonderful black and white photograph by Ron Byers. Numberd '18 / 300', titled 'Gander Gables' and signed 'RR Byers' on mat recto. Photograph 11 x 14 on a 16 x 20 mat.

Railroad Conductor and Family Cabinet CardRailroad Conductor and Family Cabinet Card
Cabinet card of a train or streetcar conductor with two women - one on each side. He wears his conductor's hat with emblem.

Photograph of Patricia Ellis and Earl BlackwellPhotograph of Patricia Ellis and Earl Blackwell
Blackwell was a fashion critic born in 1913. Patricia Ellis was an American actress. She was born in 1916 at Birmingham, Michigan and died in 1970. 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 image taken near Halloween 1933 in Hollywood.

Cigar Distributor OfficeCigar Distributor Office
8 x 10 silver photograph of the interior of a cigar distribution office. Several signs for El Producto cigars are seen throughout the image.

Boy on a Pony Cabinet CardBoy on a Pony Cabinet Card
Horizontal cabinet card of a young child atop a small pony. He wears a jacket, bow tie and derby hat. Excellent equestrian image. Circa 1890.

Bicyclist Cabinet CardBicyclist Cabinet Card
Man wearing a casual work jacket and tie stands in front of his bicycle. May possibly a messenger or courier as opposed to a bike enthusiast given the way he is dressed.

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia by Francis FrithFairmount Park, Philadelphia by Francis Frith
Unmounted albumen by Francis Frith, (1822 - 1898). Identified in period hand verso 'Philadelphia / Fairmount Park' and numberred DKI#3259 and 6030. Measures 10 x 5. Excellent image of a dirt road inside the urban park. Work included Egypt, England ...

General Store Interior Silver PhotographGeneral Store Interior Silver Photograph
Silver photo of the interior of a small general store. The proprietors or clerk stands in the background of the store. Measures 5 x 7 on a larger trimmed black mount; circa 1920.

Portrait by D. Gaggeri of Beverly HillsPortrait by D. Gaggeri of Beverly Hills
Signed portrait of an unknown woman, possibly an actress. With D. Gaggeri of Wilshire Blvd. backstamp and also signed on the image recto 'D.Gaggeri / Beverly Hills / Dec. 1934.' With 'Barbara / Love / Katherine. 10=1/2 x 13-1/2.

Silver Photograph of Famed Actress Fay WraySilver Photograph of Famed Actress Fay Wray
The photograph features the actress with other celebrities and measures. With news agency backstamps and captions. Vina Fay Wray (September 15, 1907 - August 8, 2004) was a Canadian-born American actress. Born on a ranch near Cardston, Alberta, her ...

Adelaide Neilson Cabinet CardAdelaide Neilson Cabinet Card
Identified mount recto as 'Neilson.' with 'former operatic singer' mount verso. Lillian Adelaide Neilson (1850-1880) was an English actress who was born in Spain to English parents. The family returned to England when she was very young. Neilson made...

Machinists Mates Aviation Silver PhotographsMachinists Mates Aviation Silver Photographs
Three silver photographs of U.S. Naval Sailors. Two of the three 8 x 10 images are titled in the negative: 'Machinists Mates, Aviation, Class June 1918, Dunwoody Institute / Lt. H.B. Kenny, B.R.F.C. Instructor.' M.M. Sub Chaser, June 1918 Dunwoody.' ...

General Store Interior PhotographGeneral Store Interior Photograph
Silver photo of the interior of a small general store. The proprietor or clerk stands in the background of the store. Measures 5 x 7 on a larger dark gray mount; circa 1910.

Cafeteria Kitchen and WorkersCafeteria Kitchen and Workers
Silver photograph measuring slightly smaller than 8 x 10 on a larger gray mount of a commercial kitchen, possibly military. Several cooks and other workers stand in the image. Circa 1915.

Butcher in His Meat MarketButcher in His Meat Market
Silver photograph measuring 5 x 7 of a butcher in his meat market. Hanging from hooks along the wall are cuts of meat and large flanks of meat. The proprietor, a worker and customer are present. A cuspidor or spittoon is also visible in this image.

Grapes in A Fancy Oval Berg 2-21 CaseGrapes in A Fancy Oval Berg 2-21 Case
Sixth plate thermoplastic case considered scarce, 'Grapes in A Fancy Oval', Berg 2-21. Hinges tight, no chips or cracks on face. One minor chip and crack on edge. Contains a sixth plate ambrotype of a nearly-primitive looking man. He looks somewha...

Photographic Studio Exterior PhotographPhotographic Studio Exterior Photograph
Silver photograph of a photo studio located in Kenmore, North Dakota. Several examples of photography are displayed in the shop window of the 4 x 5-1/2 silver photograph on a larger two-tone mount. With a horse and buggy in front of the wood planked ...

Naval Shipyard and Sailors Silver PhotographNaval Shipyard and Sailors Silver Photograph
Group of U.S. Navy Seamen on the deck of a large ship. A building is seen close by as if the ship is at dock or at a shipyard. Silver print measuring 7-1/2 x 9-1/2 on a larger black mount. Circa 1900.

Printing Press and Printers Silver PhotographPrinting Press and Printers Silver Photograph
A group of men stand behind a larger printing press. Although, not quite large enough to produce newspapers, it had the wherewithal to produce a plethora of print material. The group of six printers stand proudly in front of the tools of their trade ...

Packing and Shipping Room Silver PhotographPacking and Shipping Room Silver Photograph
8 x 10 image of about a half dozen shipping employees packaging products in the packing and shipping department of a business. Circa 1930.

World War I Airplane Crash Silver PhotographWorld War I Airplane Crash Silver Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph of a military biplane after wrecking in a cornfield. With several military personnel standing with the damaged fuselage.

World War II Silver PhotographsWorld War II Silver Photographs
Group of 15 silver photgraphs varying in size from 4 x 5 to 8 x 10 showing war-torn destruction by Allied troops. Identified mount verso in period hand. Subject matter i2ogne plains, Aachen, Bonn, Erkelenz, Gersons-Weiler, Fraulautern and Pier Germa...

Newcomer Lodge Nebraska PhotographNewcomer Lodge Nebraska Photograph
Silver image of the Newcomer Lodge in Nebraska. Shows swimmers in the water with the lodge on the shoreline in the background. Measures 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 on a slightly larger dark gray mount.

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